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Finish up the marketing budget with specials on promotional items

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Finish up the marketing budget with specials on promotional items

Your fiscal year may very well be ending in December, January or February, which means you’ll want to mop up the best deals for your company and employees with the remains of your marketing budget. Not surprisingly, there are plenty of fantastic deals to be had in the wake of the holiday season – especially if you’re in the market for fantastic promotional products.

Promotional products can be a huge boon to your business. Not only do they make great gifts (ideal for thanking employees for jobs well done) or giveaway items (hosting a fundraiser or raffle for your not-for-profit?), but each promotional product helps spread your brand or company name that much further. Consider using up the remains of your marketing budget on a few orders of these fun and effective options.

4 Product Ideas Perfect for Year-End Budget Spending

Tote bags
If you’ve been to a grocery store in recent years, you’ve probably noticed a steadily growing trend in tote bags overtaking the usual in-store brown paper or plastic options. Not only is it a greener way to go about things, but having the company logo silkscreened on the side means that custom tote bag is going to be a source of pride for your employee!

Water Bottles
Do you give your employees gym incentives? After all, exercise and good health help make for more efficient and happier workers. Why not give them a boost at the gym and help them stay hydrated with custom water bottles? It might just make for a great conversation starter when someone on the next treadmill spots your company logo on the bottle’s side.

What travels far and will never stop being a necessity? Pens. Most people hold on to free pens, whether from hotels, conferences or the dentist’s office! And these pens have a habit of traveling far and wide. Personalized pens – from ballpoint to felt-tip – are a great way to get your brand around.

Coffee mugs
While travel mugs are well and fine, most people form closer attachments with the old-fashioned ceramic kind you find in your kitchen or the break room cabinets. Think about it, don’t you have a favorite coffee mug? Why not give your employees one they can be proud of by handing out a slew of custom coffee mugs personalized with images and text of your choice?

Remember to check out the specials on all promotional product clearance items to find the right one for your company.

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