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Profits in Autumn, and the 5 killer fall promotion ideas to drive them

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5 fall promotion ideas to drive profits this Autumn.

Fall promotions are some of the most exciting times of year – not only because of the seasonal change in foliage, but thanks to the variety of outdoor activities everyone’s eager to take part in. The humidity and high temperatures of summer are gone, replaced by cozy sweater weather.

From pumpkin patches to hay rides, your company’s consumers, clients, corporate s and employees are all going to be out and about. It’s the perfect time to build your brand with the help of fall promotion ideas.

Fall Promotions Ideas from InkHead

Take these five fall activities for instance – each one is ideal for a product giveaway.

1. Football season is here – time to head to a game
Watching football on TV is a true American past time, but every so often you want to head to an actual game. There’s nothing quite like the roar of the crowd, the smell of the crisp fall air and – of course – the amazing pre-game and post-game tailgating parties. Just ask yourself what could make this moment even better.

The solution: Tailgating gear
The games themselves – whether you’re more a college or NFL fan – are fantastic. But in many ways, it’s the bonding, good food and drink of tailgating that’s most memorable each football season. Send some lucky clients you know to be big-time football fans off with brand new <a “Personalized Tailgating” href=”https://www.inkhead.com/tailgating/”>tailgating gear repping your company. BBQ grill sets, coolers, spirit items, fold-out chairs and tons of other goodies are ideal for personalization.

2. The trees are at their peak – go on a hike
There are hikers – the kinds of people who like to travel up and down the major trails of the White Mountains or the Rockies, staying in huts and venturing above the tree line. And then there are the fall hikers – folks who like to ramble along small hills and through local national parks to check out the autumn foliage. Either one needs one thing in order to have a good time in the wilderness.

The solution: A custom backpack
From convenient drawstring bags for the casual hiker to some real professional gear for the pro, you can customize a few backpacks to rep your brand. Make sure that these go out to those clients or employees who will use them most. A personalized backpack could make the perfect corporate gift for a trusted worker who’s moving up in your company.

3. The weather is perfect for exercise – start a running regimen
Did you know that more runners get their start in the fall than any other season? And just walk outside – it’s not surprising why! Not only are the trees gorgeous and in full fall bloom throughout much of the country, but the weather is absolutely ideal: low humidity, not too warm and not yet too cool. Encourage new runners that you know to hit the road with some handy promotional items. Or you could push your entire workforce to get more active and build better exercise habits with company-wide gifts.

The solution: Water bottles
No need to go big and expensive on this one. Just find a trusty water bottle that runners will be excited to use and have it printed with your corporate logo. It’s a small but meaningful gesture that the runners at your company will be sure to appreciate.

4. Halloween is almost here – the kids need candy gear
Want to reach a really large demographic? Consider all the consumers, corporate partners and employees you know who have kids. Come Halloween, these folks are going to be looking for a fun and eco-friendly candy collection option. Provide it to them.

The solution: Tote bags
Rather than plastic or paper bags that kids will throw out at the end of the night, give away a bunch of Halloween-themed company tote bags. Kids will like the cool and creepy design you choose – parents will love the eco-friendly message. And everyone will get an eyeful of your company logo.

5. Nights have a pre-winter chill – so get cozy in front of a roaring fire
Sometimes the only activity anyone wants to do on a fall evening is start a blaze in the fireplace and get cozy with a blanket, some hot cider and a good book or movie. Encourage your customers to kick back and help your employees take a load off.

The solution: Personalized sweatshirts
Nothing is as comfortable on a chilly autumn night as a sweatshirt. Customize a batch of different colors with your own design and company name. Employees will be happy to represent their parent company around the home, and consumers will be proud to show off their brand loyalty.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for fall promotions to market to consumers or celebrate your own employees. Forbes has a list of 25 low-cost ways to reward employees any day of any season, including simple notes or coffee shop gift cards. And if you really want to make customers pay attention, you don’t need fall as an excuse – just launch a winning marketing campaign that shows them what they want most: your product or service.

Take advantage of fall promotion ideas and push your brand with the help of some autumn activity promotional giveaways. Start with cozy sweatshirts and move on to awesome tailgating gear for football games! InkHead can help you with the strategy and the products.

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