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5 Facebook marketing tips to make social media a winner for you

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Facebook marketing tips

Facebook marketing tips to power your next Facebook marketing push.

You don’t need to see survey results to know that social media is popular. Just hop on Facebook or Twitter and you’ll be deluged with sponsored posts. But that doesn’t get across how popular social media marketing has become.

According to research from the marketing specialists at Wishpond, 27 percent of all U.S. internet time is spent on social networks. And when it comes to brand-building results, Facebook is leading the pack. According to the news source, 74 percent of all marketers say that Facebook is a key part of their marketing strategies – and studies show that companies who get more than 1,000 Facebook likes also boost their daily web visits by about 1,400.

These are serious numbers. So it’s time you got down to marketing on Facebook. These five must-do Facebook marketing tips are only the beginning, but they’ll help guide you to those 1,000 Facebook likes and building a bigger brand than ever.

Facebook Marketing Tips That Work

1. Create an attractive look

Facebook is pretty limiting when it comes to page layout and graphics. Major organizations like Nike or blockbuster film pages, and actors’ profiles aren’t allowed any more layout or visual leeway than your average user.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a stylistic and attractive look for yourself on the site. Take these tips into account.

• Use the large banner image at the top of your company page to your advantage. Include a stylish, clean image that’s not stretched for pixels.

• For your smaller profile picture, stick with your company logo – unless you’ve already used that in the banner.

• Include a lot of photos in your feed, so that your consumer base is always getting a visual reminder of your brand. Snap shots around the office or at the local bar during after​-work pints. Don’t be afraid to show your company’s personable side.

2. Create premium content

This goes without saying, but you don’t want to post cookie-cutter content to your Facebook feed. Be dynamic, be timely, target your demographic.

It’s also important to remember that, as Forbes put it, consumers build brands, not companies. And unlike your company, your brand should have a persona. Use your Facebook feed to sharpen that persona and make it more appealing to your demographic niche.

3. Share posts within your industry

The Content Marketing Institute shared some wise advice from marketing expert Andrew Davis, the author of “Brandscaping.” According to Davis, when you’re building your brand through social media, it’s important to improve your visibility with the help of social influencers.

Influencers are going to be those companies, brands and individuals that receive a lot of social media attention and followers – the industry thought leaders that you hope to join. By sharing their content, you’re not only giving your audience relevant, interesting links and info, you’re ingratiating yourself with the influencer and building your own reputation.

Davis specifically suggests a Social Media 4-1-1 plan, which the Content Marketing Institute elaborated on:

For every six posts, four of them should be shared from influencers. One should be totally original – something you’ve created yourself. And the final post should be either incentive or sales-related, like coupons, press releases or production notices.

4. Incentivize your audience

Facebook is a fantastic forum for contests, coupons and giveaways. Just check out this collection of stories from Inc. magazine detailing two cheap and successful promotional campaigns run on Facebook.

Here’s how incentives work on social media: You offer your consumer base something it wants. Sometimes that’s promotional swag, like custom T-shirts or more brand specific items, such as personalized pint glasses from breweries or water bottles from gyms. Other times you’ll want to give out product/service discounts or tickets to VIP events.

In return for these incentives or the opportunity to enter a contest for these incentives, consumers give you something, too. Email addresses are popular, since email marketing can be wildly successful with a broad enough list. But another common currency on Facebook is likes, as well as feed posts.

5. Encourage comments, likes and multimedia exchange

Simply put, the more attention you drum up for yourself, the more visitors you’ll get and the more your brand will spread.

One way to get conversation going is by not limiting your posts to self-promotion. Discuss industry topics on your wall. Get respected names and thought leaders in on the conversation. Facebook is a forum, and the public gathers where the most interesting conversations are.

While you shouldn’t leave your Facebook presence unattended for too long, remember that – as Forbes put it – quality trumps quantity, even on social media. Creating meaningful conversations and avoid risks that could jeopardize your brand’s persona.

Social media is the new content marketing frontier, and Facebook is the reigning king. Figure out how to get your consumer base to join the news feed conversation and like your page with the help of promotional giveaways and thought leadership.

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