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6 Examples of Creative Logo Design


Yesterday, we reviewed the basic principles of what makes a good company logo. Today, we are going to take a look at examples of creative logo designs. In addition to amazing photography, breathtaking architecture and spectacular sculptures, the design website WebUrbanist also highlights practical design applications, such as striking company logos and pictographs. The WebUrbanist posts mentioned below all feature logos which illustrate the principles we outlined yesterday in some way or another.

Our first couple examples come from WebUrbanist’s article entitled Less is More: 18 Clever Logos Using Negative Space. Negative space, the space around and between the subject(s) of an image, can be used to create striking logos. The use of equal negative space, as a balance to positive space, in a composition is considered by many as good design. This basic and often overlooked principle of design gives the eye a “place to rest,” increasing the appeal of a composition through subtle means. The FedEx logo above is example of a logo that uses negative space for effect. Can you see the arrow? Below are two more examples of logos effectively using negative space.

Girl Scouts Logo

Negative space adds depth to the Girl Scouts logo.

Yoga Australia Logo

This logo cleverly hides the outline of Australia.

Next, we have a couple of logos from the article Illustrated Logos: Bringing a Brand to Life. If your company name features an item name or some other tangible object, consider using that as part of the visual element to your logo. Not only will a clever use of imagery improve the stickiness of your logo, it will also make it easier to describe to someone who has never seen it before. Finally, if you were to take away the company names from the logo, you would still have a good idea of the company name, solely off the logo.

Notestar Logo

Your company name should dictate the visual appearance of your logo.

Royal Theater Logo

This logo for Royal Theater conveys a memorable image and aptly uses negative space for effect.

Lastly, here are a couple logo designs from 15 Creative Custom Company & Business Logo Designs. These are just a few more examples of creative logo designs, but take a look at how they embrace the principles we mentioned yesterday. What’s more, both logos below use negative space effectively while also conveying a memorable image. 

Doghouse Brewing Company Logo

Simple, clean, memorable.

Horror Films Logo

Clever, effective in monochrome, and scalable.

The Bottom Line

The example logo designs above show just some of the techniques possible in designing your logo. If you’re designing a logo for the first time or touching up your current logo, remember the five elements of a good logo: describability, memorability, scalability, relevancy to your industry, and effectiveness without color. While all of the articles above are from WebUrbanist, there are countless design blogs and websites on the web, so if none of these logos get your creative juices flowing, a quick Google search will serve up many other options.

If you need assistance in designing your logo for use with Imprinted Merchandise, the marvelous graphic designers in the InkHead art department can lend a hand. Call us at 800-554-0127 for more information!

Want to know more? Be sure to look at some things to avoid when designing a company logo.

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