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10 Ideas for Employee Wellness Programs

10 Ideas for Employee Wellness Programs

Employee wellness programs have been found to reduce employee absenteeism and improve morale.

Since people spend most of their free time at the office, many companies offer wellness programs to their employees, and with good reason. Money spent toward an employee wellness program will offset costs accrued by employee absences and insurance claims.

If you are looking for ideas on what to do for your employee wellness program, keep reading for 10 quick-and-easy tips from

Employee Wellness Programs: 10 Ideas to Get Started

    1. Make tobacco cessation your top priority. According to the CDC, smokers have more absences from work than non-smokers, on average. For help creating a smoke-free workplace, consult your insurance provider or your state’s Health and Human Services department for resources on finding cessation programs if you can’t afford to start one on your own.
    2. custom-pedometers

      Pedometers will spark interest in a company-sponsored walk-a-thon or walking club.

      Hold a pedometer step challenge. Encourage exercise by turning it into a competition! Use a custom pedometer from InkHead to get employees excited about the contest.

    3. Encourage annual cancer screenings. If you cannot schedule screenings on-site, put up posters in bathrooms and other common areas and allow employees paid time off to get screened.
    4. Replace junk food with healthier options. Sweets are tasty, but they are terrible for us. Sway your employees’ choices by limiting their junk food options in vending machines, snack bowls and lunch-and-learns.
  1. custom-hand-sanitizer

    Hand sanitizer will protect employees during flu season.

    Empower employees to clean up after themselves. Office cleanliness is a cornerstone of any employee wellness program. Provide custom hand sanitizer, Lysol, and hand soap to employees so that they can keep their hands, mouths, and work-spaces clean.

  2. Start a walking club before hours, during lunch, or after work. The more people you can get involved in the group, the better. If you can’t do this, at the very least encourage employees to take the stairs every now and then. Even that little bit of added exertion will make a difference.
  3. Host a weight-loss support group at the office. Make it convenient for employee wellness program participants to attend meetings by holding them on site.
  4. custom-water-bottles

    Water bottles are great for both employee wellness programs and green initiatives!

    Challenge departments to replace their sugary soda consumption with water. We find a custom water bottle helps drive adoption with these sort of programs.

  5. Start a company sports team. Build employee camaraderie, instill corporate loyalty and encourage activity among your staff—all at the same time!
  6. Stay committed. Just like any new initiative, adoption of a new workplace wellness program will take time; hold regular meetings to check participants’ progress.

The Bottom Line

Starting an employee wellness program takes time, commitment, and creativity. The 10 ideas mentioned here just begin to scratch the surface of what’s possible. Remember to use wellness incentivesto get your employees excited about getting involved!

Remember, in addition to improving morale, a wellness program can offset insurance costs and employee absenteeism. So what are you waiting for? Start a wellness program today!
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