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Employee wellness ideas and program strategies from InkHead.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, healthcare promotions in the workplace are a growing necessity. Jobs that organize wellness programs for employees – including nutrition classes, health screenings, flu shot clinics and gym memberships or onsite exercise equipment – can see a host of benefits.

The CDC noted that from a health angle, these benefits can include a reduced risk of chronic disease among employees, which in turn can result in increased productivity, a healthier office culture and – of course – lowered costs for the company. In fact, according to the CDC’s data, over a two to five year period, a well-organized and effective worksite health program can bring in an average of $3 for every dollar spent.

All companies are interested in healthier, happier employees and saving money. But actually getting employees excited about workplace wellness initiatives can be difficult. At the end of the day, you can’t force workers to go to the gym. But you can use positive health promotions to spread facts and drum up some excitement. Luckily, you’ve got these products to help.

Employee Wellness Ideas and Campaign Starters

Begin your campaign early
Even before your workplace wellness program is ready to begin, start building a general buzz. Let employees know a big change is coming to the office and there are going to be some excellent perks coming their way soon. Spread the word around the office with a few small touches, like promotional pens with your wellness initiative’s title on them.

Hold a kickoff event
Once the wellness program is ready to go, host an office event to promote it. This doesn’t have to be a giant gala-style party, but put some effort in with custom balloons, healthy snacks and some great giveaways – all of which will encourage employees to attend.

Great giveaways include athletic and sports-related gear. Why not go with performance apparel, which you can personalize for the wellness program. Caps, tote bags and even an MP3 player with promotional earbuds are all great prizes.

And don’t forget to talk to your employees about the benefits that workplace wellness programs offer them. Smoking cessation programs can give those workers who smoke cigarettes the support they need to quit. Organized walk-a-thons can turn exercise into incentive-based group fun. Nutrition classes can help employees learn to make better, healthier food on a smaller budget. And, of course, you can share data from previous programs that have worked to reduce the risk of chronic disease, like diabetes, in a workplace environment.

Keep the incentives coming
A key component of getting a workplace wellness program to succeed is encouraging teamwork. Allow employees to feel as though they belong to a group effort and give office spirit a boost with free promotional T-shirts for program participants. When employees who enroll sign up, hand them an official wellness program water bottle as well. Just come up with a fun phrase or slogan for your new initiative – or have your marketing team do it, since this is excellent PR for your workplace.

In fact, one of the major incentives for employers is how workplace wellness programs increase retention and can bring in a whole number of promising new hires. People like healthcare promotions on the job, and you’re interested in hiring the kind of workers who aim to keep themselves healthy and productive.

Using these tips, you can not only get your existing staff excited about your wellness program, you can potentially spur new hires into coming aboard. Promotional products have the power to incentivize any project, but few workplace initiatives will be this important.

Make your workplace wellness initiative a hit with the right giveaways and incentives, like promotional water bottles or team-oriented performance gear. You’ll generate some good buzz using InkHead’s athletics and office promotional products.


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