Employee Gift Ideas and Awards for Your Year-End Party

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After a year of profits and milestones, highlight your company’s hard work by presenting employees with gifts and awards at a year-end party. The holidays are the perfect time to let them know how important they are to your organization.

As we discus best practices for holiday celebrations, we’ll demonstrate how InkHead handles each phase of the celebration. We want you to benefit from our experience as you plan a holiday celebration for your business or organization.

How to Make Your Year-End Party a Success

A well-planned holiday party is good for everyone–it encourages a relaxed atmosphere that reduces stress and opens lines of communication. Our holiday party is held off-site in a gaming and eating environment that is a stark contrast to our office atmosphere. We plan all details meticulously to ensure that a good time is had by all.

Check out these party guidelines for throwing a memorable event:

  • A range of activities. Make sure there’s something for everyone at the party to enjoy
  • Err on the side of caution. Drink coupons help you to establish alcohol limits
  • Keep presentations short and sweet. Everyone will appreciate a quick formal ceremony

Every business will have specific details that will shape their party planning–but these three guidelines are a good place to start.

Which Gifts You Should–and Shouldn’t–Buy for Employees

Employee gifts are an integral part of the InkHead holiday experience. We use them to recognize our professionals for all their hard work. A great deal of planning goes into every gift selected and given–we start months before the big event.

Here are our gift guidelines:

  • Four products to avoid. Cash, food, and alcohol are fleeting, apparel brings sizing issues.
  • Three considerations. Consider your budget, gift trends, and gift transportation from the event
  • Find out what they want. Use wish lists and favorites lists from your employees

Our employee gifts feature our logo to maximize impressions after the gift and remind our employees how much they are valued in the roles with our company.

Employee Awards Cap Off an Exciting Year for Your Business

Our annual awards make employees feel honored, and they work hard to achieve them.  The ceremony highlights personal achievement and striving for the spotlight keeps co-workers competitive. As with our parties, InkHead awards are carefully planned to get the most from this holiday ritual for the company and the employee.

Keep these guidelines in mind when buying awards for your top-performing employees:

  • Keeping the company in mind. Choose gifts that are economical, but not cheap
  • Keeping them at the focus. Something they will keep–for bragging rights and recognition
  • A range of award options. Awards for merits, milestones, and humorous peer awards

We make sure that the InkHead logo is displayed prominently on the award to give a sense of identity for our brand–and our employees wouldn’t have it any other way.

Discover just how much InkHead knows about year-end employee parties, gifts, and awards. Our smart holiday promotional products can help you to create a meaningful celebration that saves you both time and money.

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