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Custom Employee Appreciation Gifts to Make Their Season Bright

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employee appreciation gift ideas

Hot employee appreciation gift ideas for the holidays.

Let’s face it. They operate under stress and deadlines day in and day out. They create the culture and reputation of your business or organization. And they are largely responsible for everything you have to be thankful for. So this holiday season, get them personalized employee appreciation gifts from InkHead Promotional Products.

Employee Thank-You Gift Design Strategies

There are three schools of thought when it comes to designing an employee appreciation gift–or designing any promotional product at all, for that matter. And they all have to do with branding. So as you begin to consider what your promotional goals include, you’ll discover which type of branding strategy is right for you.

Here are the 3 schools of thought with respect to brand strategy and design:

  • Push Your Brand. You order comparable products in the generic category and place all of the focus on your company logo
  • Give a Name Brand. Your order top-of-the-line, name brands and piggy-back on the allure of giving a name they know
  • Customize a Name Brand. You combine the two, putting your logo on a name brand product and try to squeeze the best of both worlds

No matter what strategy you employ, InkHead can help you launch it. Check out our holiday products page for name brands and unbranded products and apparel.

Popular Categories for Employee Appreciation Gifts

The characteristics that many of the most memorable employee appreciation gifts share include form, function, and usability. That is to say, they have an inherent design quality, they solve a problem, and they have application beyond the initial gifting.

Check out these popular employee appreciation gift categories from

All of these items feature our affordable pricing, no-stress guarantee, and fast delivery to get your promotion giveaway moving fast.

InkHead Promotional Products specializes in quality, custom employee appreciation gifts for everyone on your list. From food to fashion, travel to technology, we’ve got what they love. Check out our holiday products page for more employee thank-you ideas.

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