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There’s no time like the summer to start thinking about some sustainable changes around your office, school or home. Tree Hugger, a website devoted to all things eco-friendly, provided a number of tips to office employees and managers looking to cut down on energy waste at work. These include optimizing energy settings on computers, reducing use of paper in favor of digitized information and sharing commutes, among other tips. Many of these tips, alongside smart energy conservation like turning out lights when you leave a room, can work just as well in other environments, including schools or homes. But those looking to take their green crusade one step further can consider other options as well.

6 Eco Friendly Promotional Products Tips

While nixing the air conditioning may be out of the question this summer, take a look at these six ideas and see which ones might work for you and your community or household.

1. Get custom water bottles to use again and again

Take a look in most office trash cans and you’ll see a lot of empty paper or plastic water cups. If it’s a more eco-conscious company, these may be in the recycling bin. Or, check out a school cafeteria after the lunch period – it’s the same story. Even in the home, disposable cups can go to waste far more often than they should. You can reduce waste, however, by encouraging coworkers, employees, students or family members to reuse the same water bottle over and over. The best way to get them excited about this prospect may just be to make that water bottle something better than ordinary!

Custom water bottles are stylish, fun and sure to promote use. Choose from BPA-free plastic or stainless steel designs. You can have these imprinted with corporate logos, school mascots or any personalized name, message or image you prefer. The options are endless!

2. Do the same for your coffee mug

There’s no reason to stop with water. Cut down on wax paper coffee cup waste in the office or teacher’s lounge by investing in personalized coffee mugs. These can be traditional ceramic or you can go for stylish varieties of travel mug options. Pick a few designs that suit your environment best and get all of the coffee drinkers excited about this new, green initiative.

3. Use custom tote bags for shopping and encourage others to as well

Plastic bags from grocery stores, sandwich shops, pharmacies, take-out joints and just about everywhere else tend to get tossed in the trash. A quick and easy way to cut down on all that waste is to invest in a batch of custom tote bags that can be handed out to workers or used around your home.

The real benefit of tote bags is that their usefulness doesn’t begin or end with grocery trips. These are handy ways for students or teachers to carry books and school supplies, in grade school or college. And they also offer plenty of broad, colorful space to print a company logo or encouraging green message!

4. Organize a community cleanup

You can get active with your message, too! Either at work, in school or with your family, gather everyone together to pick up litter at a local park. You can also host a recycling drive or tree planting event. One way to draw in plenty of participants is by offering them great promotional items like those listed above. These green products could draw in crowds who are excited about doing something good for their local environment while getting free stuff.

5. Sponsor a cross-country road race

Sometimes the best green initiative is just reminding folks of the beauty of Mother Nature herself. If there’s a cross-country road race or a 5K that goes through some particularly beautiful roads around your area, consider getting involved and sponsoring or volunteering in some way. Put a green spin on your involvement by offering water bottles or totes to runners and other participants.

6. Spread the word with promotional products

Promotion is always about marketing – sometimes it’s about spreading an ideal and helping the world become a cleaner, better place. Everything from custom bumper stickers to magnets or key chains can help spread the word.

What Eco Friendly Promotional Products Do You Like?

Have a few tips of your own for green thinking around the office, classroom or home? Share them with us.

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