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Easter Gifts and Other Tips to Enjoy the Holiday

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Here are 10 Easter gift ideas and other ways to enjoy the holiday.

As the old saying goes, March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb – which makes Easter Sunday this year’s gateway to Spring. Leading up to March 31, there are a variety of fantastic ways that you, as a business owner, youth group or church, can celebrate the holiday with your community. Consider how using promotional products, celebratory signs or holding special events might help spread your brand and bring local establishments together. If you’re looking for a few ideas, consider these suggestions.

10 Ideas for Gifts and Other Ways to Celebrate Easter

  1. Start early: While Easter Sunday doesn’t arrive until the end of March this year, there are a number of smaller holidays leading up to it. From Ash Wednesday to Good Friday, churches and youth groups can take advantage of the season to raise awareness and share goodwill.
  2. Spread the word with promotional pens: For years, businesses have found that little improves brand recognition like promotional items, and pens are among the most effective. A few custom pens bearing your church, youth group or local business’ information could go a long way and net you new attention. Just consider how ubiquitous and transportable pens are – not to mention how handy! There’s nothing worse than being caught without a pen when you need it most, after all.
  3. Gather for a Good Friday event: Some people prefer to spend Easter Sunday with family, so it might make sense to host a Good Friday event to get these individuals out and active in the community a few days before Easter itself. Everyone’s sure to feel the stress of the work week melt away, as you enjoy games, chatting and some holiday celebrations.
  4. Sponsor a giveaway: One thing you’ll want to do at either an Easter Sunday or Good Friday event is sponsor a small giveaway. Don’t go overboard, but rather hand out a few and fun gifts that everyone can enjoy. Custom paper hand fans or journals and notebooks are great options that are sure to please adults and children alike. Best of all, you can have these silkscreened with a special holiday message for your recipients.
  5. Use promotional products to help raise awareness: Alongside your giveaway items, consider how a few promotional products might help your church, small business or youth group spread awareness. Choose from sweatshirts, postcards, magnets, custom journals, and other fantastic items, all customized to your specifications.
  6. Host a movie screening: There are a number of fun and thrilling Easter-themed movies to choose from. Consider how the Hollywood epic Ben-Hur might unite older and younger generations. Or if you’re looking for pure entertainment, 2011’s animated movie Hop is a surefire crowd pleaser.
  7. Have an egg dyeing get-together: Of course, it wouldn’t be Easter without plenty of hard-boiled eggs to dye. This is a fantastic way to get friends, families and neighbors together in order to enjoy a time honored tradition. And don’t forget the egg hunt afterward!
  8. Bring out the bunnies: Adorable bunnies have become synonymous with Easter over the years. Instead of rabbit costumes, why not have actual bunnies? Either invite attendees to bring their pet rabbits or host an adoption event with rabbits – and other animals – from the local shelter.
  9. Give everyone the opportunity to cherish the memory: Don’t let Easter Sunday pass by without plenty of photo-worthy opportunities! Help everyone cherish the memories for years to come with a handsome custom photo frame.
  10. Organize an Easter parade: If you really want to take on a project, organizing a small Easter parade for your town could bring a lot of attention to you and your group!

What Easter Gift Ideas Do You Have?

Got any other fun and effective Easter ideas for our list? Let us know!

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