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10 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Earth Day to Promote the Planet

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10 Earth Day ideas to promote the planet

These 10 Earth Day ideas will help your business or organization promote your brand while protecting the planet, too!

April 22 is Earth Day, and this year we should all definitely do a little more than throw on a green T-shirt and take out the recycling! If you’re a non-profit company, an environmental advocacy group, a team of teachers and students looking to make a difference or even a major corporation, there’s no reason not to consider these 10 Earth Day ideas for a memorable and significant Earth Day.

10 Earth Day Ideas to Celebrate the Planet

  1. Spread the word: Earth Day, while a holiday, doesn’t draw the kind of attention Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day or even Halloween do. Help build hype and spread Earth Day popularity in any way you can, including taking to social media, using old fashioned flyers (use recycled newsprint to stay sustainable) and even promotional products.
  2. Invest in stylish custom water bottles: Bottled water is one of the most popular commodities in America – but even when folks are recycling responsibly, it’s not as eco-friendly a choice as investing in a single water bottle and getting your hydration at home from the tap or a filter. Plus, with personalized water bottles or custom filtered water bottles, you can advertise your Earth Day pride and spur others into action.
  3. Host an event: If you’re hoping to hand out those water bottles and get them in everyone’s hands for Earth Day, one of the best ways to do so is to host an event! You can do this solo or gather together other groups and local businesses to help build sponsorship and raise awareness. Include fun games and events to help draw kids, teens and adults. The wider your net, the more folks you can spread the message to!
  4. Hand out custom tote bags at that event: Whether you decide on hosting a charity, heading to a trade show or just trying to rep Earth Day and eco-friendly choices around your hometown or city, one of the best ways to do so is with free stuff – like customized tote bags. Not only does this encourage grocery shoppers to cut back on their use of disposable plastic bags, these products are good-looking and handy for a variety of scenarios, from trips to the beach to everyday work commutes.
  5. Offer a variety of eco-friendly products: No matter whether you’re part of a corporation, charity group, non-profit or small business, April is the ideal month to begin offering your clients, employees and associates a variety of eco-friendly promotional products. These items won’t only build your brand recognition, they’ll establish a reputation for you as an eco-conscious group. Not only are you giving Mother Nature a helping hand, but your image benefits in the process.
  6. Organize a community service trash cleanup: Every community has one or two spots that could really use a good scouring for stray candy bar wrappers, plastic bags and other detritus. Organizing a group of Earth Day activists to head down to one of those trash-strewn spots with you to clean up can be a great way to beautify a local area and also draw public attention to your cause.
  7. Plant some trees: This is a fantastic project to get kids involved in, so you may want to consider reaching out to local elementary or middle schools as well as after-school programs for teens. Speak with city planners about community locales in need of more trees and then host a large-scale planting event! Not only will these saplings grow into gorgeous, old topiary, but trees are an essential part of a healthy Earth, replenishing the air with necessary oxygen.
  8. Spread the word about responsible recycling, or hold a recycling event: Most of us know to check for the appropriate plastic number on a gallon of milk before tossing it in with our recycling, or how to separate our newspapers and cardboard from cans and glass bottles. But a surprising few can immediately tell you how to recycle batteries – or whether there’s a better option for old electronics than simply tossing them in the trash. Help your community smarten up when it comes to certain recycling habits, and consider hosting a drive where they can bring those hard-to-get-rid-of items like dead batteries and junk computers.
  9. Get a big group together for a hike: Occasionally, the best way to celebrate Earth Day is also just to exist peacefully within Mother Nature. Take some time, if not on April 22 then sometime soon, to go on a relaxing and fun hike with a few friends. Don’t forget your custom infuser bottles, either!
  10. Stay eco-conscious all through April for Keep America Beautiful Month: Earth Day isn’t the only eco-conscious celebration in April, since it also happens to be Keep America Beautiful Month. Take this to heart by making a few resolutions yourself about how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, then make sure you keep those promises all through April and long afterward!

Share Your Earth Day Ideas!

Do you have some great and green Earth Day ideas to share? How else can we raise awareness for planetary appreciation and celebrate Mother Nature? Drop us a line in the comments below with your thoughts.

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