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Earth Day is Just Around the Corner!


April 22, Earth Day

Earth Day is Just Around the Corner!

In case you were unaware, April 22 marks Earth Day, a holiday designed to educate people about their impact on the environment and to inform them of the efforts they can make personally to lessen their footprint.

Although Earth Day originally started in 1970 as a grassroots movement in the United States, it rapidly expanded to over 140 countries by 1990, and today over 170 nations recognize Earth Day in some way. In fact, the United Nations moved to declare April 22 “International Mother Earth Day,” in reference to the fact that humans’ responsibility to the planet transcends political, racial, or religious boundaries. According to the Earth Day Network, Earth Day is the world’s largest secular holiday, in that over half a billion people celebrate it yearly.

For businesses, Earth Day is a good time to assess their impact on the environment and determine changes they could make to cut down on resources. Whether it be in the form of an office recycling program, sponsoring a community service project, or placing limits on paper usage in the workplace, there are many ways that your business could celebrate Earth Day.

Starbucks Offering Free Coffee and Tea on Earth Day

Starbucks Offers Free Coffee & Tea for Earth Day

For example, the corporate coffee giant Starbucks is getting into the act by offering customers who bring in a reusable coffee mug on Earth Day a free cup of coffee or tea. Although the details about this promotion are presently scarce, you can read more about the Starbucks Earth Day promotion. Assuming Starbucks does not add further details between now and then, you will want to call your local store to double-check to see whether they are participating in the promotion.

Using the Eco-Friendly Product Filter

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Eco-Friendly Items from InkHead

Speaking of reusable coffee tumblers, InkHead has quite the selection of Eco-Friendly Promotional Products. While your company doesn’t have to hand out free coffee on Earth Day, creating some sort of Earth Day promotion is worth considering. Not only will an Earth Day promotion give you an opportunity to present your business in a positive light, it will also give your company added exposure. Who knows what that added exposure could amount to: a new client, a new account, or even a new business partner?

To make shopping for your Earth Day promotion easier, InkHead has created an Eco-Friendly product filter that you can find on the left-hand side of most category pages.

Additionally, eco-friendly items are marked with a green leaf icon among product listings, further helping you in locating just the items you need for your own green promotion.

Locating Green Promotional Products on InkHead

We’ve also created a Green Products Buying Guide if you find yourself completely stuck when it comes to choosing the right green product for your promotion. The guide goes over some of the different types of green products InkHead offers, such as those items made from recycled materials and those made from sustainable fibers such as jute or bamboo.

If you’d like, you can also review all of the Eco-Friendly Promotional Products offered by InkHead.

The Bottom Line

Make this Earth Day one to remember with custom Eco-Friendly and Green Promotional Products from InkHead. Our catalog contains green items of all shapes and sizes, so you are bound to find something that works for your marketing campaign. Whether you are looking for writing pads made from recycled materials, such as promotional jotters made with recycled elephant poo, or want a reusable porcelain coffee tumbler for your own Starbucks-style campaign, Inkhead has you covered.

While April 22 only comes once a year, the ultimate goal of Earth Day is to educate consumers to live every day like it’s Earth Day and cut back wherever and however they can.

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