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Early Bird Gets the Best Calendar… and Much More


Early Bird Gets the Best Calendar...and Much More

We see it happen every year. People line up in December or January to order custom wholesale calendars, and inevitably they find themselves sifting through depleted inventory for a mediocre stock design. Furthermore, buyers interested in fully custom calendars lack adequate time in December to plan and gather media assets, jeopardizing the success of their investment.

“I wish we’d started sooner,” say the latecomers every year.

So, clearly the lesson here is that ordering promotional calendars earlier in the year is beneficial, but how, exactly? Let’s take a look at what you gain when planning a few months ahead.

  • Access to a full inventory. If you want to add custom elements to a stock calendar design, you can narrow down your options starting with every design we carry. Imagine being able to place an order for a stock calendar that connects your brand to your customers perfectly!
  • Time to strategize. In place of making decisions in a hurry, you gain the time you need to devise a focused marketing message. Thoughtfully craft an entirely custom calendar that highlights events and content that matters to your target audience. Your customers will love their calendar and grow even fonder of your brand.
  • Prime distribution period. With your calendars in hand before the holiday season, you’ll pass them over to your recipients’ hands right when they’re most ready for a new calendar. The sooner people start viewing your calendar, the sooner the brand impressions begin to add up—extending your brand’s visibility for up to 12 months.
  • Discounts, discounts, discounts! When you begin planning early in the year for next year’s promotional calendars, you can afford the time to keep an eye on special advertised discounts. Ordering a well-thought-out promotional item in bulk at the lowest price available sounds like a terrific marketing strategy to us!

Custom, promotional calendar magnets and desk calendars are useful and they provide an overwhelming number of brand impressions at a ridiculously low cost. That’s why marketing professionals return each year to invest in this top-selling promotional item. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the opportunity to beat the crowd this year and set your business up for a fantastic next year.

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