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Do’s and Don’ts of Class Reunion Fundraising


Do's and Don'ts of Class Reunion Fundraising

If this year your high school graduating class will reunite for the first time in a long while, you’ll all have a golden opportunity to see which former classmates have gained or lost weight and which ones have lost or mysteriously gained hair. Such details matter not to you, however, because you intend to be far too occupied organizing the best class reunion ever.


Whether or not you’ve done this before, we’re guessing you’re open to reunion-planning suggestions, especially if they relate to financing the event. It’s hard to know how much money your former peers will be able to contribute toward event costs, such as venue rental, catering, class reunion favors, and booze. High school reunions are a lot like weddings: the expenses can really add up and somebody usually ends up performing drunkenly on a makeshift stage.


A great way to ensure you have enough resources to assemble a truly memorable yet affordable class reunion is to organize a fundraiser. Building extra cushion into your budget can expand your event options, allow you to include special touches, and reduce the price of admission.


But there are right ways and wrong ways to conduct a fundraiser. If you hope to pull off a mega-successful reunion, please take note of the fundraising do’s and don’t’s listed below. Acceptance into your next clique depends on it.

  • Do hold a fashion show where members of your class (and/or their kids) model styles that were popular the year you graduated.
  • Don’t organize a bikini-themed carwash day, especially if you graduated before Dwight Eisenhower was president.
  • Do organize a quiz night and ask questions specific to the four years leading up to your graduation.
  • Don’t make all the kids of alumni participate in a trivia match against each other in which parents can bet for or against their own kids.
  • Do host an all-class garage sale where classmates donate items to sell and all proceeds go toward the reunion.
  • Don’t ask classmates to sell expendable organs before the reunion.
  • Do ask classmates to donate a professional service through their line of work, such as tiling, bartending, or graphic design, and then invite other classmates to bid on the services in an auction.
  • Don’t ask classmates to donate a professional service like divorce mediation, a vasectomy, or a lap dance.
  • Do hold a father-daughter dance for male alumni and their daughters.
  • Don’t throw a kegger at your parents’ house and play games in the basement like truth or dare and spin the bottle.
  • Do host your region’s scariest haunted house attraction around Halloween.
  • Don’t raffle off a chance to make out with the homecoming king or queen.
  • Do compile favorite recipe ideas from alumni to sell recipe books.
  • Don’t stand at the entrance of a nearby retail store parking lot holding a cardboard sign that reads, “Need cash for reunion (smiles won’t cover the lobster). ’94 rulz.”
  • Do organize a scavenger hunt similar to The Amazing Race and award big prizes for the winners.
  • Don’t put together a weight loss competition like The Biggest Loser to encourage classmates to look good before the reunion.

Hopefully, at least one of these do’s brought you to your feet and sent you pacing around the room, plotting your first task. Let us know in the comments which fundraiser idea excites you the most!

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