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Does Your Business Resolve to Exercise More Next Year?


Does Your Business Resolve To Exercise More Next Year?

No New Year’s resolutions list is complete without the goal to get in better shape. Whether we want to lose weight, eat healthier meals, or build tighter abs, we can always afford to incorporate more fitness into our busy schedules.

Businesses have a similar opportunity each New Year to assess their performance and set new resolutions for the months ahead. Company fitness goals, however, are not counted in pounds or calories, but rather in revenue, customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction.

So re-imagine your resolutions and consider how you can improve your company’s fitness in a similar fashion:

Exercise regularly. Businesses are just as susceptible to becoming couch potatoes when it comes to being innovative or proactive.

Resolve to step away from the status quo and develop your company, so your business can enjoy the same boost in energy and resilience that exercise provides for your body.

Lose weight. For a business, losing weight means ditching inefficiencies, such as operating under ambiguous processes or doubled efforts.

Sit down, grab a stress ball, and resolve to streamline common tasks so you can complete work faster, respond better to unexpected events, and increase productivity.

Avoid shortcuts. Much like skipping a good night’s sleep or a balanced meal to save time, businesses resort to customer service shortcuts that deprive customers of a well-nourished relationship with the company.

Resolve to nurture relationships with customers and discover new ways to connect with your client base. Invest more time in engaging with the people who matter the most to your business.

Build muscle. Building brand awareness is like muscle for a company. Pull on that tank top, pack your gym bag, and hit the weights. More brand impressions means more opportunities to convert sales and grow the business.

Resolve to expand your company’s marketing efforts, both online and off-line. Build your brand’s audience on social media channels, and share your voice within your industry or your community.

Tone the body. Businesses can add more definition, so to speak, when everyone from executive leadership on down understands and inhabits the company’s vision, mission statement, and corporate culture.

Resolve to identify areas within the company that have become soft in the last year and reaffirm your organization’s commitment to a clear and specific corporate vision.

There’s nothing quite like the fresh start of a new year when we can re-examine our wellbeing and set specific goals for improving our fitness and overall health. We wish you and your business all the best for a new year of prosperity and happiness.

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