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8 top desktop coffee mug uses

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desktop coffee mug uses

Discover some classic, and unique, uses for your desktop coffee mug.

A personalized desktop coffee mug is a many splendored thing. With so many uses, the mug is the Swiss army knife of drink ware. Check out our list of top uses for your desktop coffee mug. It’ll make you immediately buy several cases to give out to friends, family, and customers. And if you don’t–you’re just not paying attention.

1. Drinking coffee, cocoa, mocha lattes, cappuccinos, and <fill in your favorite bev>

Yeah, so we started with the obvious–recipes included. But as popular as coffee drinks are, putting a desktop coffee mug in the hands of everyone you meet can create bottomless ROI.

2. Drawing perfect circles

Then, we get all artsy-snooty. A good personalized desktop coffee mug is ideal for wasting the day while doodling suns, full moons, snowmen, Venn diagrams and monster truck tires.

3. Holding pencils, pens, highlighters, and markers

Cleaning up a messy desk has never been easier–or more fun. Your employees can fill their desktop coffee mugs with all of the writing utensils covering their desks into a single, accessible holder.

4. Cooking anything–from scrambled eggs to decadent brownies

This is a cooking hack worthy of even the most gourmet chefs. Recipes for desktop coffee mug foods are everywhere–and the best part is that there’s only one small piece of cookware to clean up after you’re done.

5. An Internet marketing portal

Simply customize your desktop coffee mugs with your company web site or social media page URL–preferably with an incentive–and you’ll instantly send prospects online to seek you out.

6. An old-school shaving kit

Just fill with a straight razor and a brush with a disk of shave soap in the bottom or shaving cream on the side–when it’s time to shave, simply fill the desktop coffee mug with lather and go to work.

7. A business card holder/dispenser

Along with ordering personalized desktop coffee mugs, throw in a batch of custom business cards and you have an instant marketing tool for any office.

8. A ‘share-a-penny’ or tip holder.

Set a desktop coffee mug next to your store cash register and you’ll get impressions every time a customer leaves a tip or grabs some small change.

Nobody does desktop coffee mugs like Team InkHead! We’re talking an entire range of high-end and discount mugs–many with free 24-hour shipping. Check us out online for all of your high-ROI marketing needs. Our promotions experts are ready to help you get started.

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