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10 Customer Appreciation Ideas to Build Brand Loyalty

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10 customer appreciation gifts to help boost your brand

10 customer appreciation gifts to help boost your brand

There are a lot of elements to successful marketing. SEO presence, a well-designed website, print ads in the right venues, trade shows, press kits and numerous other factors make a huge difference. However, one aspect of brand building can be very easy to overlook: customer appreciation.

Any smart business knows that treating customers well goes a long way toward improving your reputation and image. But sometimes you need to go the extra mile if you want to see real dividends. Saying thanks every so often with customer appreciation gifts is a great way to ingratiate yourself. And as a tip – don’t wait until holidays to hand over corporate gifts. Giving gifts at unexpected times as a simple gesture of goodwill and thanks is the kind of strategy that’s going to get you noticed and help you stand out from the rest of the pack.

Need a few gift ideas? Have no fear – this handy list is packed with Grade A client gifts of all shapes and sizes, for a broad price range. Whether you’re treating one CEO or a whole office, you’ll find something useful here.

Our Top Client Thank You Gift Ideas

1. Coffee mugs. Not every gift has to blow your customer out of the water. If you just want to be friendly, custom coffee mugs are a fine investment. Especially because this coffee mug is guaranteed to get use, and every time it’s filled with coffee or tea someone’s going to think of you and your brand.

2. Golfing equipment. Is there any more classic corporate gift than a set of golf balls, a new putter, bag tags, green repair tools or personalized tees? Golf has long been its own language in business, and a gift of upscale golf equipment – whether it’s just a set of pencils or a whole new leather bag – is sure to make an impact if you know your customer is a golfer.

3. Tablet accessories. The world of computers is changing yet again, and in many offices PCs are playing second fiddle to Android tablets or iPads. Why not invest in a personalized stylus, tablet sleeve, padfolio or charging kit? Even a set of mobile speakers could make for a great gift – they’re perfect for presentations or FaceTime meetings.

4. Promotional flashlights. Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? Promotional flashlights have long been one of InkHead’s top gift sellers – in part because they’re great investments. When you’re choosing from brand names like Maglite and Brookstone, you know you’ll be sending along a quality product to the recipient.

5. Desktop accessories. Once upon a time, a desktop didn’t mean the background on your computer. While we may not use our desks in the same way we once did, they nonetheless make an aesthetic impact in the office. There are a variety of desktop items that make great gifts, from hand carved clocks to pen sets.

6. Wine gift basket. Another age-old classic, the wine gift basket is a great go-to since it combines delicious food and drink! This is an especially great seasonal gift, allowing you to vary the food and wine choice based on the time of year.

7. Leather​-bound calendar. While plenty of people keep their calendars updated on their phones, there’s nothing quite like the admittedly low-tech, but sophisticated, leather​-bound calendar. Show your customer appreciation with a gift that lets them know they’ve got style.

8. Personalized sunglasses. Speaking of style, why not gift your favorite customers pairs of personalized shades? InkHead can imprint or engrave onto top brand sunglasses from Oakley, Ray-Ban, Maui-Jim and others. It’s a perfect summertime option.

9. Gift cards. Gift cards will never lose their simple charm. It’s a quick “Thinking of you” kind of choice that’s easy to pick up or send out.

10. Personalized watch. Really want to treat your client? Consider how a personalized watch might go over – especially when it’s a Victorinox, made by the folks behind Swiss Army Knives. Whenever your customer looks down to check the time, it’s another point toward your brand building.

What Customer Appreciation Ideas Work for Your Business?

Have some of your own great customer appreciation ideas? What have you given or received? Let us know in the comments!

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