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6 of the Best Customer Appreciation Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

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customer appreciation gift ideas

InkHead is your source for customer appreciation gift ideas

To earn more customers in the New Year, follow this basic strategy. Take some of the holiday uptick in revenues to purchase personalized holiday thank-you gifts. Choose a time frame in November, December, or January, designated as customer appreciation season–and, pass out your branded giveaways.

Affordable Holiday Thank-You Gifts for Tighter Budgets

Many small- to mid-sized businesses and organizations lack the funds to purchase high-end customer appreciation gifts. But there is real power in giving at any price-point, and Team InkHead offers plenty of affordable customer appreciation gift categories.  In fact, some of the lower-priced products boast longer staying power for the product than their higher-priced counterparts.

Here are some of our more popular categories of affordable gifts:

  • Custom Coffee Mugs. With new designs in durable ceramic, this is a customer appreciation gift you know will be used
  • Personalized Sunglasses. Perfect for sunny spring and summer weekends–or that blinding drive to work every day
  • Promotional Pens. Still a top seller, this generation of custom pens has experienced a renaissance in design and performance

If this is the first year you’ve ever given out customer appreciation gifts, our promotional resources can help. You can search for information in our holiday products categories page; or, you can chat with live promotions experts to create your product.

High-End Customer Appreciation Gifts that Dazzle

If your customers have been extremely good to you this year–you might want to consider going all out with custom holiday thank-you gifts. Now, despite the high perceived value of these gifts, don’t be spooked into believing that you can’t afford them. Many business owners feel that the upgraded price of the gift is an investment in its quality.

For holiday thank-you gifts with class, check out these product categories:

  • Promotional Flashlights. With names like Brookstone and Mag-Lite, you know we’re serious about flashlight quality
  • Logo Tablet Accessories. Ride the technology wave and outfit your team with personalized tablet and iPad accessories
  • Personalized Backpacks. If it’s good enough for Thule, this high-end backpack should be good enough for your crew

While the price-point of entry with these product categories are higher, the impression of perceived value is also raised to a new level.

The holiday thank-you gifts season is here–time to create connections with customers that drive brand loyalty and sales in the New Year.  For more ideas on customer appreciation gifts, check out the InkHead holiday products page right now!

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