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Top 10 Custom Tech Products to Connect with Customers


Top 10 Tech Products to Connect with Customers

These days, it’s important to connect with your customers on their level. With the influx of social networks, corporate transparency, and crowd-sourcing, the phrase “Customer is King” is true now more than ever. One way to do that is by getting promotional products that your customers want and can use on a daily basis.

The following 10 products are items that your technophile customers will want to use again and again. With each use, not only will your brand further impressed in the user’s mind, but it will also be exposed to whatever passersby may happen to see it.

Promotional Mice

Promotional MiceAlthough touchscreen-powered tablets are gaining market share and laptops have track pads, many people still rely on the precision that only a mouse can offer. We carry both laptop-sized mice and full-size USB mice, perfect for high-end giveaways at a tradeshow event.

Custom USB Jump Drives

Custom USB Jump DrivesWhile the rise of smartphones, Bluetooth technology, and cloud computing have made flash drives look a little dated in recent years, there is no denying the usefulness of these little guys. At a friend’s house and need to snag some files from his computer?

Ideal for college students and other individuals who do most of their printing in computer labs or print shops, custom USB jump drives will come in handy at the most vital times. And isn’t the ability to come through in a pinch an image you want associated with your company?

Customized Headphones

Customized HeadphonesStarting 30 years ago with the Walkman and exploding after the introduction of the iPod 10 years ago, headphones have become a staple of most gadgethead’s gear. I myself have three sets: one for my desk at work, one in my bookbag, and one for the desk at home.

InkHead carries sets full-size headphones with noice-cancellation and several varieties of ear buds.

Imprinted Network Accessories

Imprinted Network AccessoriesDespite the convenience WiFi offers, it still cannot deliver download and upload speeds provided by an ethernet connection. True tech-heads will appreciate items such as this retractable CAT5 ethernet cable, which expands up to eight feet and will cut down on cord clutter.

InkHead also carries many other custom network accessories, just in case this doesn’t work with your marketing vision.

Logo Printed Speakers

Logo Printed SpeakersWhile headphones are generally handier than traditional speakers, there are still times when we want to turn up the jams so that everyone can hear.

The Fold Up Portable Speakers shown here feature a pocket to store your MP3 player along, an adjustable carrying strap, and a carabiner so that you can clip the device to a bag or belt loop. Please note that the iPod pictured here is not included with the item.

Power Adapters and Charging Stations

Power Adapters and Charging StationsIn the first weeks after getting my Droid last year, I used it so often that it lived on the charger when it wasn’t glued to my hand. As I already mentioned, it seems that the smarter gadgets get, the shorter their battery lives. Offset that with one of our customized power adapters or charging stations.

The PowerBlock, shown here, can charge iPads, iPhones, iPods, and any other USB-chargeable device.

Custom Digital Photo Frames

Custom Digital Photo FramesWhen was the last time you went to a photo developer? Believe it or not, I can honestly say that I can count on one hand the number of times I have had film developed. While that’s probably indicative of how infrequently I take pictures, it also reflects a sign of the times.

Show top prospects that your company is hip to the digital trend with one of our many customized digital photo frames.

Custom iPhone Accessories

Custom iPhone AccessoriesRemember when your cell phone was pretty much just a phone? Nowadays, our cell phones do so much that the phone feature is almost an after-thought. We can surf the web, play games, and even watch movies on our phones now. While our phones have gotten smarter, their battery lives have gotten shorter.

Help your wired clients combat phone fatigue with the iPhone Battery Extender Power Case (pictured right), which can effectively double the life of an iPhone battery with optimized power management that provides a continuous charge to the phone.

Customized iPad Accessories

Customized iPad AccessoriesIf people weren’t quite sure what to think after the initial announcement of the original iPad, it’s clear they know what to think about tablet computers now: they are here to stay. Between the original iPad, the iPad 2, and the slew of Android-powered tablets coming from companies like Motorola and Samsung, it seems that 2011 is shaping up to be the Year of the Tablet.

Take advantage of the buzz by offering customers and event attendees customized iPad sleeves, such as the Traveler Media Sleeve, which can fit tablets, e-readers like the Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook, or netbooks like Google’s new Chromebook.

Personalized Laptop Bags

Embroidered Laptop BagsWhile our smartphones and tablets have consolidated the number of gadgets we need to carry at any given time, we still rely on bags to transport whatever items we do decide to bring with us.

A custom laptop bag will serve two functions. First, it provides with your customers or employees with a fashionable, yet functional item they can use every day. Second, a promotional computer bag will put your brand or logo on display for hundreds to see.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to the onslaught of technical innovation in the last 15 years, we truly live in a wired world these days. Just think…nowadays you can snap a picture during your flight from New York City to Palm Beach, FL, upload the photo to Twitter, and before you know it, you’re fielding calls from NBC, CNN, and NASA. Amazing, huh?

The products featured in this post are subject to availability. Please call 800-554-0127 any time between 9 AM and 8 PM ET to confirm stock.

Not only will the products mentioned above connect you with new customers, they will also help your customers stayed plugged in. How are you going to promote your business today?

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