Custom printing online: The pros and cons that affect results

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The pros and cons of multicolor promotion for your printing services

If perform custom printing online, you know a thing or two about design. Whether you consider your work an art or a trade, you know how to appreciate a job done well. Take some of the world’s most striking and colorful paintings, for instance. Whether they’re a rich blend of hues depicting a landscape or a modernist piece that expertly uses just a few tones together, you can applaud the beauty of the work. And while color has its place, occasionally the clean, crisp and classic look of a black and white image – whether a photo or ink brush painting – is more striking. And what about single color images?

So how does this reflect the printing services industry? You know printing, so you wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best, especially when it comes to your own marketing. Knowing the pros and cons of multicolor images can help you make informed decisions and choose the right design for your promotional products.

Custom Printing Online: The Good and the Bad


  • Colors draw the eye: Consider the environment your marketing product will appear in. Is it a banner for your next corporate event? T-shirts for your office wellness initiative program? Pick a color combination that will stand out wherever the product appears – the kind of color combination that draws the eye.
  • Colors feel natural: Black and white or single colors may look striking, but there’s a reason for that – we never see them in nature. The living, breathing world is a bright and vibrant place, full of colors blending and contrasting and complementing. If your angle is eco-friendly, green or sustainable, play up your nature-friendly vibe with plenty of color.
  • Colors can be dynamic: While multi-colored designs can be flowery and bright, they’re also capable of being subdued, quiet and clean. For examples, why not turn to one of the most fascinating portfolios available: web design. The industry blog Web Design Ledger featured a collection of minimal color usage online, which is sure to inspire some great ideas from your marketing team.


  • Too many colors lead to garish combos: Some colors simply don’t go well together, and the more colors you add to the pot, the greater the chances that something clashes. Be canny about how many colors you use and how well they blend. Do some trial runs with paint swatches or computer programs before committing.
  • The product itself may already have a color: Don’t forget that the tote bags or promotional coffee mugs you’re printing your new design on may be a dynamic color of their own. Whatever hues you choose should be prepared to deal with this. A red and green holiday design on a brown mug, for instance, won’t turn out too well.
  • Color may detract from your statement: Sometimes you should let the design speak for itself. Color draws the eye, but so does memorable typography or iconic images. Screen printing companies know all about the advantages of black and white design. Want to hook your marketing team up with some inspiration? Look to web design again and consider these 20 striking examples of black and white style from Joomlavision.

The complexity of custom printing online goes well beyond just black and white or multicolor palettes, as you know. But settling this essential decision can help you move forward with your marketing and promotional product plans in exciting new directions.

Help win your printing services company some praise at the next trade show or corporate event with bright and colorful tote bags or dynamic black and white T-shirts. InkHead has a variety of products to choose from, all of which are up to your print quality standards.

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