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Custom Political Campaign Product Ideas for Voter Education and Registration Events

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InkHead offers low-cost, high-ROI custom political promotional products.

Long before the votes are cast, governments and civic organizations spend time and money holding voter education and registration events. These meetings are critical in preparing citizens to be a part of the democratic process.  InkHead Promotional Products offers a wide selection of custom promotional items that are politically-themed and guaranteed to enhance any campaign-minded event.

Rock the Vote Sets the Standard for Voter Education Strategies

In 1990, the first Rock the Vote campaign was initiated to address the problem of declining youth voting. All of the sudden, it became cool to take part in the democratic process. Rock and movie stars from all walks of life encouraged people of all ages to get out and vote. From summer bus tours to awareness concerts, voter registration and education events spread the word.

The takeaways from Rock the Vote’s voter education and registration events include:

  • Integration with Likeminded Organizations. Rock the Vote partnered with Young Voter Strategies research organization to use data to drive registration activities
  • Connection of Voters to Issues. Voter education is most effective when citizens realize how critical campaign issues affect them directly
  • Combination of Communication Strategies. Getting the word out via door-to-door visits, Internet-powered technologies, and promotional events

Copying the Rock the Vote framework, it’s relatively easy to set up and successful voter registration and education event in the area.

Strategies for Choosing Custom Promotional Products for the Event

Because budget is such a key issue with any zero-profit event, the custom campaign products made available must meet certain criteria. Giveaways should promote the political event with dynamic artwork and durable construction. Also, products should be politically-themed to give potential voters an impression of how important their participation really is to the process.

Here are some of our favorite product categories that make perfect election giveaways:

  • Political Yard Signs. Yard signs keep passing motorists informed of important dates, such as education and registration events
  • Campaign Buttons. Campaign buttons are unique giveaways that offer dynamic design options for important election dates and times
  • Campaign Banners. Perfect B2B giveaways, campaign banners take on many designs and can be placed prominently throughout the community

Of course, there are several other product categories that will work well in building interest in voter registration and education events. Check out InkHead’s product categories for more ideas.

Make Team InkHead a political partner for your next voter registration and education event! Our government and politics promotional products and apparel carry a bold message and are priced right to make the entire event an affordable success.


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