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Here Are 8 Ways to Use Custom Paper Fans

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Here are some ways to use custom paper fans from InkHead in your promotions.

Believe it or not, one of the most popular items InkHead sells are paper hand fans. We think it’s because of how versatile and how many different groups can use them in their events and promotions. Here are just a few of the different groups that have ordered hand fans from InkHead in the past.

8 Places to Use Custom Paper Fans from InkHead

  1. Weddings: Paper hand fans are one of InkHead’s most popular wedding giveaways.
  2. Church: Likewise, paper hand fans are one of our go-to church promotional products.
  3. Summer Events: When you require a summer promotional item that isn’t too costly, paper hands fans are one of the most economical choices we carry.
  4. Outdoor Picnics and Parties: Nothing beats a paper hand fan to keep event attendees cool and comfy when it’s hot outside.
  5. Commencement: Because so many graduation ceremonies occur outside, paper hand fans are frequently employed as custom graduation products.
  6. Film/TV Promotion: Paper hand fans can be used to promote movies and build buzz for the premiere!
  7. Political Rallies: One of InkHead’s most popular patriotic promotional products, paper hand fans will turn heads and help inform voters.
  8. Sports Games and Pep Rallies: Get fans involved with fans!

The Bottom Line

Useful, adaptable, and generally inexpensive, custom paper fans are workhorse promotional items. Order some today to make your next outdoor event a success!

Looking for custom paper fans? Shop Paper Hand Fans »

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