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Top 5 promotional products for hotels and resorts

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Top five promotional products for hotels and resorts

Plenty of people take the opportunity during the holiday season to stay at home, visit friends, enjoy the chilly weather and go to sleep on December 24th hoping to wake up the next morning to a truly white Christmas. Plenty of other people think this first type is insane and jet sets to a tropical hotel and resort the first chance they get. But frankly, whether your clientele is looking for a personalized hand fan to keep them cool under the blazing sun or a snuggly robe that they can get cozy with in their ski chalet, you’re going to want to spread your brand and style effectively and widely. Curious what the five most popular products for hotels and resorts are? Consider this list.

5 Popular Custom Products for Hotels and Resorts

  1. Caps: It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining off of the white tropical sand or the ski slope snow, a ball cap can be a lifesaver. Better than that? They just plain old look good! Custom caps are sure to win over guests at your hotel or resort, especially when available in a range of colors and with a stylish design that’s eye catching. The right logo or slogan can really capture the relaxing ambiance of your locale, so be sure to print it on your custom caps.
  2. Mints: A mint on the pillow? What could be classier or more welcoming? It may seem like a cliche, but this housekeeping touch is actually a sign of superior service and consideration. Let your clients know they’re being cared for. And in the meantime, rep your hotel with special custom mints carrying your hotel or restort’s name and/or logo. They’ll taste great and look better.
  3. Pens: When it comes to promotional items, nothing gets around and travels further than a promotional pen. Simple, stylish, useful and ubiquitous, a personalized pen is the easiest and quickest way to spread your brand far and wide. Consider the pens you have in your pocket, purse or on your desk right now – chances are at least one or two are promotional. There’s no reason not to take advantage of this surefire winner.
  4. Lotion: What guest wouldn’t want smooth skin, and all courtesy of your resort or hotel? Custom label lotions are a great way to keep guests looking good and feeling great.
  5. T-shirts: Simply put, there’s no better way to get a logo or slogan out there. Let your guests represent their pride in your establishment with these shirts!

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