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5 Great Custom Graduation Gifts for Your Senior Students

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Here are 5 great custom graduation gifts for your senior students.

It’s approaching that time of year when another graduating class of students leaves the halls of high school for good and embarks into the world. Some will head off to college, others will jump into the workforce, but every last student will want to remember this day. Help the graduates at your school memorialize their commencement with any of these five custom graduation gifts.

5 Fabulous Custom Graduation Gifts for Students

  1. Writing pads: Old fashioned, perhaps, when you consider the wealth of digital toys most college students will be heading off to high education with – but a writing pad is always an essential. Whether it’s used for jotting down notes or composing “thank yous” for graduation gifts, one of these custom writing pads is a perfect gift for any grad student, so make sure you order some wholesale and personalized for the class year!
  2. USB flash drives: On the other end of the tech spectrum are USBs, which are sure to come in handy for future university students and workers alike! Plus, as a creative touch, you can preload these individual flash drives – each printed with a personalized class message – with tons of photos and even an MP3 of the school song!
  3. T-shirts: One of the most enduring and popular of class gifts from a school to its graduating students are actually personalized T-shirts. Big, bold and proud, these are a fantastic hand out at any post-graduation party, so students can dress down and enjoy the party. Consider having the student body itself vote on a T-shirt design, or have the winner of the class’s Best Artist superlative come up with an original image.
  4. Sunglasses: Want a fun and kooky option? Order a variety of colorful and inexpensive sunglasses and hand them out before the ceremony. When the hot June sun is beating down, students will still be able to clearly see their friends and family applauding them from the stands.
  5. Photo frames: Naturally, the very best gift any school can offer its graduating class are some stellar memories. They’ll have to make those for themselves, but you can help preserve the fond recollections with a frame worthy of a photograph from graduation day. Custom photo frames can offer just that.

What are your favorite custom graduation gifts?

What other great graduation gifts would you personalize? What’s most likely to grab the attention of high school seniors? What are they most likely to value and cherish a decade down the road? Let us know!

Looking for custom graduation gifts? Shop Now »

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