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Winter Solstice: the Perfect Time for Custom Flashlights


Winter Solstice 2010

Today is one of my favorite days of the year, and it’s not because Christmas is just around the corner, college bowl season is starting to gear up, or that it’s Rush Day. Today, which is the observed Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, marks the shortest day (and thus longest night) of the year.Although the day is still 24 hours long, there will be less daylight today than any other day of the year, and after today, the daylight persists longer and nighttime ebbs with each passing day.

Some Facts about the Winter Solstice

Stonehenge on Winter Solstice

  • Some regard the day as the beginning of winter, whereas other cultures consider it the middle of winter. For instance, Irish and Celtic cultures observed the first day of winter as being November 1 and the last day occurring at the end of January.
  • Scientifically speaking, today is the day where the Earth’s axial tilt is farthest away from the sun at its maximum of 23° 26’.
  • A number of peoples across the world have festivals and celebrations to commemorate this day, which has held cultural importance for thousands of years. Such societal significance is exemplified by Newgrange in Ireland and Stonehenge in England, two structures with precise alignment to the winter solstice sun. In the morning of the solstice, sunlight floods the Newgrange structure, which was originally built as a massive tomb; Stonehenge is aligned to point to the setting winter solstice sun.
  • Although it’s impossible to directly witness the solstice due to the slow rate at which the sun moves, scientists in recent years have managed to calculate with precision the exact moment of the solstice using astronomical data tracking. This year’s solstice will occur today at 23:39 UTC. For those of us stateside, that’s 6:39 PM EST.

Promotional Nightlights and Custom Flashlights

Since this evening will be the longest night of the year, I will be relying more heavily on manmade light tonight than I do most other times of the year. Good thing InkHead Promotional Products has a number of items available sure that will not only illuminate my bedroom but will also light up your next promotion.

Promotional NightlightIdeal for pediatrician’s offices or children’s hospitals, this night light has an auto-sensor so that it turns on when you need light and turns off when light is not needed. The 1.5 watt fluorescent light lasts for approximately 10,000 hours, so your customers are bound to see your logo again and again.

Custom FlashlightsThis handsome Maglite is over 12″ in length, includes chipboard display carton, and is available in 3 colors. Note that although batteries are not included in the base order, they can be added for an additional charge. Contact one of our Promotions Specialists for further details.

The Bottom Line

After the winter solstice occurs tonight, the days begin to lengthen and the nights shorten. Take the day as an opportunity to order some promotional night lights or promotional flashlights, two items that are always a bright idea. Don’t think flashlights or night lights fit your promotional vision? Think then about getting some winter apparel, such as Custom Beanies or Customized Hoodies.

Remember that the items featured in this post are subject to availability, so you should one of our Promotions Specialists to ensure that the item you desire is in stock whenever you are ready to order.

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