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How to Create a Custom Political Campaign Quickly and Affordably

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InkHead is your source to build a custom election campaign.

One of the key components of any political campaign event is candidate name recognition. Giving the people a recognizable figure with a strong slogan raises the chances of election exponentially. And that’s where InkHead Promotional Products comes in. We offer a robust selection of politically-themed products and apparel that reinforce the candidate in the minds of the voters.

Make the Candidate Logo Simple and Memorable

Name recognition doesn’t happen by accident. Decades of successful, and unsuccessful, campaigning have taught candidates that the formula for name recognition is surprisingly simple. Create a basic logo with striking colors that is easily memorized by the voting public. Campaign managers who follow this formula notice success from start to finish. Those who get too fancy with candidate promotions do so at their own peril.

Here are tips for promoting a candidate that can establish a memorable logo:

  • Create basic, compelling text. Typically a candidate’s name and a short slogan will work better than complicated designs
  • Use solid, primary colors. Red, white, and blue are used often–but that’s because they work over and over again
  • Extend this basic logo. Make the new logo accessible across political mailings, promotional products, and web sites

Once you’ve created a usable logo and published it across publicity mediums, it’s time to consider promotional product giveaways for campaign events.

The Best Custom Political Campaign Products for Your Event

With so many politically-themed promotional product choices out there, it’s hard to go wrong. In fact, there are points to be won with newer products that have staying power past the event. While t-shirts and cups are still quality selections, contemporary political campaigns are looking towards newer products such as stress relievers that make politics personal.

Check out these new and improved custom political campaign product suggestions for your next event:

  • Custom political lanyards. Logo lanyards, badges, and bracelets give your political fans a feeling of legitimacy and belonging that other products just don’t offer
  • Logo stress balls. Personalized stress balls are relatively new on the campaign scene but offer an advanced level of political customization and post-event longevity
  • Personalized foldable rally signs. Perfect for big rallies, the foldable rally sign sets up and takes down quick for easy manageability

Just keep in mind that when you choose custom political campaign products, choose them with a purpose in mind that extends beyond the event.

Team InkHead is ready to add that personal touch to your next political campaign! We specialize in quality, politically-themed promotional products with sensational artwork at affordable prices. From campaign rallies to the victory celebration, we’ve got what you need to make your campaign a roaring success.

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