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Walk Straight with Custom Compasses

Walking Blindfolded

Photo by Jan Souman/Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics

Walking Straight May Be Harder Than You Think

Not too long ago, I heard an interesting article on NPR as to why we as humans cannot walk in a straight line whenever our vision is impeded. To test this phenomenon, German research scientist Jan Souman blindfolded his subjects and told them to walk in a straight line. Regardless of the terrain, his test subjects could not walk in a straight line when blindfolded. Souman also performed his experiment in the Beinwald forest of Germany, without blindfolds. When the sun was blocked by clouds, his pedestrian subjects could not maintain a straight line of any sort, but when the sun was out, the walkers were able to maintain a straight line with relatively little effort.

This indicates that we as humans need some sort of external focal point—such as the sun, a mountaintop, or the moon—in order to maintain walking in a straight line. The article then digs deeper into why humans can’t innately keep a straight line. It’s really interesting stuff, so if you have an extra moment, head over to NPR and read or listen to the article in full.

Suppose you don’t have an external focal point. That’s when an item like a Customized Compass comes in handy, and here at InkHead Promotional Products, we have several promotional compasses from which to choose. Take a few moments to view some popular favorites in the item feed to the right.

The Bottom Line

Although we may not be able to walk in a straight line without some kind of external marker to follow,  items such as Custom Promotional Compasses can come in handy at times when we are lost without a guidepost. Pick some up today and lead customers into your business.

Remember that all Business Promotional Products featured in this post are subject to availability, so please us before ordering to ensure that we can sufficient stock for your order.

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