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Top 5 custom merch products to promote your band

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Here are 5 custom merch products to promote your band.

If you’ve got the talent, we’ve got the gear you need to start spreading the word (and music) about your band. Whether you’re recording out of a garage, about to release your first single or just looking to have some fun with your collection of fans, T-shirts buttons, lanyards and other great merchandise can help you become a better repped group of musical artists. Consider these five great ideas.

5 Custom Merch Products to Promote Your Band

  1. Sweatshirts: Why not let your fans and friends promote your music in cozy style. Custom sweatshirts aren’t only the perfect canvas for plenty of stylish imagery and aesthetics, it’s guaranteed to be worn just about everywhere and get plenty of comments.
  2. T-shirts: Of course, there’s always the even more ubiquitous cousin to those custom sweatshirts, promotional T-shirts. Hit up any public location and you’re bound to see a roomful of band T-shirts. People love their music and they want to let the world know. Get yourself a fantastic visual design, pick a dynamic and stylish color and get noticed. Hitting the road solo or with your bandmates? What better idea could there be than to include a list of tour dates on the back? Have some iconic lyrics you want to get out there? Include those on the shirt and watch your fandom explode!
  3. Buttons: What’s cheap, simple, stylish, perfect for a band logo or name and fits perfectly on jackets, backpacks and just about everything else? A custom button. Music fans have been repping their favorite artists for decades with the quarter-sized examples of brand celebration, and it’s no wonder considering how effective they are.
  4. Lanyards: Considering the number of students and office workers who have to carry around IDs or keys on lanyards all day, give them a fashion break and let them express their musical pride with a few custom designs. Promotional lanyards are great for spreading the word.
  5. Stickers: Take a stroll down memory lane to high school for a moment. There are two things that should stand out to you – everyone loves music, and everyone has packed their lockers, notebooks, car bumpers, bedroom walls and just about every other surface with custom stickers for their favorite bands. It’s a surefire investment.

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