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Creative Ways to Promote Your Presidents Day Sale


Creative Ways To Promote Your Presidents Day Sale

For some, Presidents Day is a time to honor former U.S. heads of state. For others, the third Monday in February is just another three-day weekend. Retailers are somewhere in between, often commemorating the holiday with big-time discounts for consumers on their day off.


Presidents Day can be a win-win for your business and buyers, especially when you properly advertise your sale. To help you get the word out, here are products perfect for promoting presidential price cuts.

Promotional Displays

You can position promotional displays, available in a wide variety of sizes, inside and outside of your retail shop to announce your big sale and incentivize shoppers to return to your store for limited-time savings. You can also easily transport these products for display at trade shows and other off-site events. Be sure to include inspirational or fun text that speaks in the spirit of the holiday to accompany the details of the sale.


  • Banners: Hang them high or low, or use a retractable stand.
  • Custom Pennants: Mount on walls, decked out with patriotic designs.
  • Yard Signs: Place strategically near your parking lot or anywhere advertising is allowed.
  • Buttons: Fasten next to nametags or on other visible apparel.
  • T-shirts and Hats: Distribute to employees to be worn on- or off-site.
  • Table Covers and Decorations: Fit on high-traffic merchandise displays or place on a checkout counter.

Promotional Giveaways

Handing out free promotional t-shirts and bumper stickers to customers is overkill for a sale that occurs only one day per year. Instead, give away small, usable items to alert shoppers of your upcoming sales event. By providing an item they can take home, customers are more likely to remember the sale and spread the word to friends and family.


  • Latex Balloons: Give these to kids, who will in turn help advertise your sale.
  • Grab Bags: Send customers home with their purchase in a promotional bag.
  • Temporary Tattoos: Favor patriotic designs over sale details, and allow employees to display the tattoos to draw further attention.
  • Individually Wrapped Chocolate Coins: These are irresistible and perfect with a president on the wrapper.
  • Wooden Nickels: Hand out these tokens, also imprinted with presidents, or stash one in a shopping bag.
  • Personalized Bookmarks: Your staff can hand these out or make them available near a cash register.


Hopefully, these ideas will help drive customers back to your store on Presidents Day. What are some other tactics you’ve used? Share them in the comments below!

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