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Looking for Creative Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business?

6 great creative marketing ideas for small and mid-sized businesses

Here are 6 creative marketing ideas for small and mid-sized businesses.

Being a small or mid-sized business in the current economy is difficult. There’s the constant need to grow and expand in order to compete, but most of the time you’re likely to be trying to make ends meet. Luckily, one of the best and cheapest ways to grow is by harnessing your in-house marketing team’s natural creative talents. By thinking outside the usual marketing paradigms, your team can help you establish a brand and build it, both within the community and your industry’s network.

Need a few tips to get your guys and gals started off on the right foot? Consider these six tenets of good creative marketing for companies your size.

6 Examples of Creative Marketing Ideas to Get Your Business Booming

  1. Begin building a brand: The word “brand” gets thrown around a lot, but what it means at its core is your company’s image. Two groups can be selling the same thing, but depending on how they market that item – and themselves – they’ll have different ratios of success with different audiences. One of the first things you’ll want to do is determine what your company brand is, then work to establish that. Most of your marketing ideas will revolve around this core ideal.
  2. Host community events: One part of that brand you build could be a community-friendly attitude. Hosting a local event is a great way to create goodwill within your town, city or state – but it’s also a fantastic advertising opportunity. For instance, different promotional items could help you resonate with event attendees. Perhaps promotional stress balls tossed to the crowd at the local youth football game or water bottles printed with your corporate logo could be handed out at a 5K road race you’re sponsoring. Or if you happen to host a local farmers market a few weekends a month, handing out printed tote bags to visitors is one way to build a name for yourself in the area.
  3. Visit trade shows: Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to not only to build brand awareness but to measure the playing field. Plenty of competitors and associates will be walking the floors at local trade shows, so you’ll definitely want to attend and do some serious networking. One of the best ways to become friendly and spread your brand with both industry professionals and the media is via press kits. Filled with and product info, these make everyone’s lives easier. And a custom keychain or other perk won’t hurt either.
  4. Speak at seminars: Many company heads who hope to be examples of thought leadership within their industries will find themselves doing more than just leading a business. Speaking at seminars (trade shows often feature plenty of these as well as panels) or guest-teaching industry workshops is a great way to ingratiate yourself with the professional community while also networking with up-and-coming talent. Help your brand and company stick with them by handing out promotional notepads at the start of any event.
  5. Join industry groups and associations: While this includes regional associations that you’ll have to hobnob with at nearby events and parties, it also includes the vast world of Internet social networks. Although used by plenty of people for fun, Facebook, Twitter and a variety of niche networks are also key to building an ever-expanding list that will come in handy on a regular basis. Being social networking savvy is one more key to modern-day brand building.
  6. Stay true to your roots: One of the biggest assets that you’ll have as a small or mid-sized business is your size. Since you’re not overwhelmingly large, your company will seem inherently more human and approachable. Other nearby businesses, the local chamber of commerce and locals will view you as a part of the community and they’ll want to support you for that. As a result, one of the best steps you can take in marketing yourself is to stay true to those personable roots.

What creative marketing ideas do you have?

Are you head of a small or mid-sized business? Perhaps you head the marketing team for one of these companies. Weigh in with your thoughts on great marketing strategies and techniques. Is there such a thing as too creative? Let us know!

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