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Are You Looking for Creative Advertising Ideas?

Here are 10 creative advertising ideas to bring more business to your company.

Sponsoring a sporting event is one of our 10 creative advertising ideas that will bring more business to your company.

Advertising is nothing new, but it is continually evolving. From Victorian print ads to modern billboards, internet Adobe Flash games to promotional products or Sunday newspaper coupons – the only way to excel as an organization is to spread awareness and draw attention. So if you’re looking to build a brand, you’re going to need a few original and creative advertising ideas. Consider these 10 fantastic propositions.

10 Creative Advertising Ideas to Get Business Booming

  1. Get social: As anyone who’s on Facebook knows, advertising isn’t what it used to be. Tailored to individuals by region, gender and an infinite variety of interests, social media has changed the way we advertise and are advertised to. Getting on this train is imperative, no matter the size of your company or industry. And social media isn’t the only way the internet can serve you – sites like Groupon are regularly helping small businesses with the right amount of pizzazz put their names on the map – why not yours, too?
  2. Host a party: Sometimes the oldest methods are best. Want to increase your popularity and build brand recognition? Throw a party! The event itself doesn’t have to revolve around you and your group, either. Perhaps you want to co-host a neighborhood event with another local business or two. Or maybe you’re helping a local charity with its fundraiser. Either way, it’s an ideal time to give away promotional products.
  3. Hand out bottle openers: Want to ingratiate yourself with every individual at the party? Give them an easy way to crack open a crisp beer either at the event or at home. They’ll hold onto those promotional bottle openers for ages to come – especially if it’s on a key ring!
  4. Become a public radio sponsor: While most public radio stations are ad-free, they do have sponsors that they like to give shout-outs to on a regular basis. And as many of us know, NPR is having quite the renaissance now, delivering cultural touchstones like This American Life or national news – all of which are popular across generations. If you want to reach a variety of potential clients or customers on a state, local or even national level, this could be a great way to draw positive attention.
  5. Celebrate a season: Occasionally the best inspiration is right outdoors or in the weather forecast. Consider this: As the winter weather turns to spring and then summer, there’s nothing more generally on everyone’s mind than the promise of beautiful weather. Celebrate and capitalize on that by handing out promotional sunglasses or accessories. Make them part of a visitor giveaway or hand them out at an event.
  6. Sponsor a local sporting event: You don’t need to own Staples Center or be a Super Bowl advertiser to get some brand recognition thanks to sports! From minor league teams to regional road races, become part of a team in your own right by jumping on the sponsorship wagon with a variety of other local businesses. Additionally, a baseball game or 5K is a fantastic opportunity to spread recognition with custom caps.
  7. Provide fans with stress balls: If you’re looking for one quirky item sure to get a smile out of sports fans, why not hand out custom stress balls. During the seventh inning stretch or half time show, these could be the perfect tongue-in-cheek way for the losing team to work out their frustrations – and perhaps become your biggest fan in the process.
  8. Consider viral ads: One of the biggest trends in recent years – especially for major film promotions or other media – is constructing viral advertising campaigns. The term comes from the way in which the advertising subtly spreads across media, usually the internet, so that it’s mysteriously popping up everywhere but without ever being open about what it’s advertising. This sort of large-scale buzz generating certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for truly creative advertising solutions, there’s a lot to be learned from wrapping a product or service in mystery and getting your audience curious to know more.
  9. Take tradition and turn it on its head: Many forms of advertising that may seem like they’re on their way out or becoming bland just need a kick of style. Print ads or radio may not be as trendy as, say, social media, but they reach an incredibly wide audience. Whether you’re including coupons in a local newspaper or recording a jingle for a TV ad, don’t be afraid to get creative and draw attention to yourself.
  10. Know your audience: The number one rule to keep in mind, no matter how creative you get, is to always know your audience. As important as creativity is, it should only ever serve to draw in your potential clients. Go too astray or miss your mark, and no amount of clever or artistic advertising will net you what you need most: brand building.

What creative advertising ideas have you used?

We’ve only just scraped the surface of creative ad opportunities out there. What have you found effective?

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