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The InkHead Guide to Corporate Team-building Like the Games

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Corporate Team-Building

Discover these ultimate corporate team-building strategies.

If you’re interested in the concept of teamwork and how it can be harnessed to turn a group of individuals into a single, synchronized unit, look no further than this year’s winter games. These very same principles–along with the spirit of the games–can be applied just as easily for success in your business. Using a little creative thinking and some themed promotional products from Team InkHead, you can maximize your strategic team-building operations for spirit and success.

Hidden Lessons in Teamwork from Athletes

Many times, the gung-ho teamwork speech is almost cliché. Everyone has heard it and it loses some of its edge with every telling. But considering some of the performances past, there are a host of hidden lessons that every business can learn and use to its advantage.

  1. Everyone gets a say. Everyone gets a job to do. The U.S. Swim Team is the ultimate example here. Yes, Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte are the faces you know–but there are two other positions on that dominate relay team that are just as important. Those medals can’t be won without everyone’s contribution.
  2. Cheer with everything you’ve got. NBA All-Star Dewayne Wade was unable to perform in the games due to a crippling knee injury and resulting surgery. He could have easily stayed home and saved himself a great deal of the stress that comes with traveling. But he was right there on the bench cheering his team on to victory.
  3. Believe in miracles. The 1980 U.S. Hockey Team’s amazing upset of superior Russian team is the stuff of legend and lore. But the simple fact is that this bunch of hungry teenagers–who, according to the “experts,” had no business even making it to that game in the first place–simply willed themselves to victory.

While there are many methods that build teamwork, many business strategists point to the games model–and for good reason.

How Teamwork Strengthens Your Business Operations

As business becomes increasingly specialized, with professionals focusing on a few specific functions, the demand for teamwork will continue to increase. The organizations that survive downsizing and outright liquidation will be the ones that exhibit the strongest level of interdepartmental coordination.

Developing teamwork offers the following benefits to your business:

  • Strengthens morale and trust
  • Increases productivity exponentially
  • Optimizes communication between employees and departments
  • Instills cooperation skills that transfer to all business-related activities

So use this season–and all of the ones to come–to bring your employees together in the spirit of teamwork. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your success.

Let Team InkHead help you to turn your staff into a gold medal-worthy team! Our collection of games-inspired promotional products can add spirit to any office. Need promotional ideas to get you started? We’ve got you covered. Our promotions experts are poised to help you assemble a logo gift set to inspire your team to reach new heights.


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