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6 Construction Marketing Tips to Get Your Business Noticed

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Construction Company Marketing Ideas

Construction marketing tips from InkHead.

More often than not, construction companies handle big jobs. While most companies can wrap up their services at the store cash register or following a quick visit, construction teams are brought on for the long haul. They work hard at completing long-term projects, and the finished product is often a work of art in its own right.

But construction marketing ideas can seem like a tricky thing. After all, these groups rarely have the national reach that a tech start-up might be trying to achieve. Do the same marketing rules that apply to most companies work for construction groups, too?

Rather than head out blind into building a brand for your construction company, consider a few of these helpful tips.

How to Start a Construction Company

1. Remain regional. Unless you’re a large corporation, it’s in your best interest to limit your reach geographically. Travel is expensive, especially when you’re lugging construction teams, equipment or even vehicles. Sometimes, the costs can outweigh the gains. Instead, focus your attention on your own part of the state. The more jobs you work in a concentrated area, the more your brand is going to get recognized on a regional scale.

2. Advertise smartly. Once you’ve gotten your construction company off the ground, you’ll want to start advertising. But rather than take out expensive ads in glossy magazines, consider more savvy methods that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. With a little research, you can find regional trade journals or local newsletters to place ads in. Also, consider sending out flyers. If you’ve got a strong brand, don’t be afraid to sell it.

One method that many companies find effective is advertising through promotional products. More often than not, this subtle approach can win over new customers and keep former ones coming back. Just consider custom pencils, for instance. Leave one with a client after you finish a job and he or she is sure to hold onto it and remember you again. Curious just how viral personalized writing utensils can get? Check your own collection in the office or at home. Custom pencils are sure to travel far and rep your business well. Don’t forget to include your company website!

3. Get friendly on the web. It’s easy for construction companies to let their web presence fall behind. After all, their services tend to be pretty low-tech compared to most organizations and companies that actively use Twitter and other social media platforms to build their brand. However, this shouldn’t translate to zero web presence at all. In fact, having a cleanly designed website that’s easy to navigate can be a huge boon to construction companies. Consider these two reasons.

First, the web is the primary research tool for many Americans today. Even after a client recommends you to someone else via word-of-mouth, he or she is still going to Google you for more information and reviews before making that first phone call. This is why it’s also important that you pay attention to websites like Yelp, or anywhere else your company might be reviewed. The web is a resource for you as well, as it’s packed with customer feedback.

Second, when prospective clients look for construction companies, they’re imagining a finished product in their head. Whether that’s a five-bedroom house, office building or backyard shed, if you can supply them the visual, those customers are likely to choose your company. Your website offers you this opportunity. Use large, high-resolution photos of your previous projects. Offer a gallery – show off. If it’s designed well, it’ll pay off in the end.

4. Go green. As many different companies are currently finding, one of the best things you can do for your company’s reputation and image is to go green. Eco-friendly thinking is more than just a trend – it’s rapidly becoming an expectation. By offering customers sustainable materials, responsible construction and beautiful craftsmanship, you’ll drastically improve your popularity. Don’t hesitate to offer some energy-efficiency tips to clients either, especially before the construction project. An added plus is that you may become a green leader in your community.

5. Create a referrals program. For Construction Pros, a site that delves into all things construction, suggested that companies create referral programs to encourage old-fashioned word-of-mouth. A lot of construction jobs come in through referrals anyway, but a program is a great way to build more interest. The news source offered up this idea: For every dollar a previous client refers you for, you offer them 2 percent in local gift cards or a 3 percent rebate on their next job.

6. Host an event for former clients. For Construction Pros also suggested taking things one step further. By setting up an event for former clients – a cocktail reception, for example – you could draw new business. Encourage these clients to bring along friends. It’ll require schmoozing, but could be a huge windfall for you. And don’t forget the promotional products! From personalized notebooks to those custom pencils, they’ll be handy giveaways at this event.

What Marketing for Construction Tips Work for Your Business?

Own a construction company? Have your own successful marketing strategies? Share them with us!

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