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Top 20 Festival and Concert Series Promotional Products

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InkHead’s Top 20 concert series and festival promotional products

When it comes to music promotion, the tunes can often speak for themselves. However, for bands big and small, you sometimes need a few festival marketing ideas. One of the best ways to build a fan base, establish an audience and get your name out there is with promotional concert merchandise.

Check out these top 20 ideas for promoting a concert

1. T-shirts

Perhaps the most traditional of all concert apparel, band T-shirts are a marketing strategy in of themselves. You won’t have a better selling product at your musical event, and if multiple acts are showing up you can design tees for individual bands as well as the festival itself.

2. Sweatshirts

Almost as popular as T-shirts, band sweatshirts are another bestseller. They’re great to have on sale all year round, but make sure to stock up more for outdoor venues during cooler weather. Like an umbrella on a rainy day, concert-goers will flock to buy a stylish new sweatshirt if it wards off chilly weather.

3. Caps

Ball caps aren’t just for sports fans. Choose from different colors and styles, but include your chosen festival or band name on the front. These are excellent for outdoor summer concert series.

4. Bottled water

A great idea most of the year, but essential for summer concerts: order custom-label bottled water for your event. Display them in a tub of ice for maximum effect.

5. Water bottles

Want to offer concert goers more of a souvenir? Prefer to go green with your refreshments? Specially designed concert water bottles are a great investment.

6. Can koozies

Most concert refreshment stands don’t serve up bottled water alone. Help music fans comfortably enjoy their beverages by offering can koozies printed with band or festival logos.

7. Bottle openers

Presumably, concession workers will be popping the caps off brews for all the concert-goers, but some folks may want a pocket sized souvenir to take home with them. A bottle opener is a great choice, whether they choose the sleek credit card sized or a slim keychain model.

8. Keychains

Bottle openers aren’t the only keychain item you can offer as a concert promotion. Consider flashlight, carabiner, screwdriver and regular keychains, all printed in full color with band or festival logos.

9. Lanyards

These are ideal for multi-day festivals that require passes. Investing in a large batch of event lanyards is a smart and stylish idea.

10. Buttons

Not everyone is going to want to drop a lot of money on a band T-shirt or feel like investing in a koozie. However, no one can say no to a concert button that costs a buck or two.

11. Bumper stickers

Another great small scale souvenir, band bumper stickers are a blast and easy to design. Come up with a clever saying for your musical act or festival event.

12. Magnets

Another clever, small scale investment, promotional magnets are popular with everyone. High school kids put them on their lockers, adults put them on their cars and who doesn’t own a fridge?

13. Fans

Sweltering heat at the concert? Paper hand fans can offer festival goers some relief, and you can order them custom designed with band logos and other text or imagery.

14. Speakers

Merch Done Right, a blog devoted to premium┬áband merchandise, highlighted five of the best techy products for concerts and festivals. Portable speakers were suggested among the best of the best promotional items – since you can bet that concert goers of fans of good music and top audio quality.

15. Earbuds

Also an excellent tech product to have on hand, earbuds are an affordable and fun way for fans to support their favorite band.

16. Sunglasses

Don’t let concert goers miss out on the show just because it’s a sunny, summer day. Special festival sunglasses in a variety of colors are sure to sell well when the skies are clear.

17. Stadium cups

Whether the show’s in a stadium, at a fairgrounds, in a theater or in the local pub, custom drinkware is always a great souvenir for music fans.

18. Beach towels

Another must-have for outdoor concert promotion, day or night, beach towels sub in perfectly as picnic blankets. And attendees are sure to love giant towels promoting their favorite musical acts.

19. Umbrellas

Rain or shine, the show goes on. So in the event of a torrential downpour, make sure you’ve got some umbrellas on hand. Although these also offer excellent respite from intense sunshine, too, making umbrellas fair and foul weather friends.

20. Tote bags

What are festival goers going to keep all their great new concert and band merchandise in? Why a stylish tote bag of course. Between the green movement of BYOB at supermarkets and the trendy, simple look of designer totes, you won’t find a more popular or timely promotional item!

Help your festival bands rise to stardom or win them new fans with the help of some great concert merchandise. The 20 items on this list are the best you’ll find, offering event attendees an eclectic choice of high quality products.

Looking for promotional products for your concert merchandise? Start with band T-shirts and concert conveniences, like custom umbrellas and water bottles. But don’t stop there – check out all the custom concert gear InkHead offers.

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