The Top 10 Company Picnic Ideas Using Promotional Products

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Top 10 gift ideas for a company picnic

Top 10 gift ideas for a company picnic

Company picnic ideas lead to great events, packed with fun and games, dancing, contests and plenty of laid-back, casual fun. And, of course, no event is complete without plenty of prizes to win! Some items you may want to gift to your employees as a way of saying “Thanks for all the years of hard work!” Other prizes, you’ll want to make them work for! Although this time, it’s either an egg toss or a pie eating contest – no spreadsheets and no dress code involved.

Consider these 10 awesome gift ideas for company picnic games prizes. They’re the right mix of incentive and goofy fun to make sure your office event is a memorable and morale-boosting experience!

Promotional Product Ideas for Company Picnics

1. Fun caps. For company picnic games around fun and friendly competition, promotional caps are a must. This is a great way to get everyone galvanized for a fun day in the sun. Organize a series of team contests and events: three-legged races, Whiffle ball, volleyball and other simple games. You can divide your office into different teams based on the color cap they wear – although each will bear your corporate logo. Best of all, your employees get to take the hats home with them at the end of the day!

2. Memento T-shirts. Another great giveaway for your employees is a┬ápersonalized T-shirt. You may want to have a batch made up for everyone in the office, which is a handy way to keep tabs on your group if you’re sharing an event space like a park or fairgrounds with another office picnic. But you may also want to make up special T-shirts for contest winners. A silly shirt is a fun, yet cheap, prize for winning watermelon-eating contestants or carnival game champs.

3. Grilling grand prizes. Looking for more serious offerings for your employees? They’re sure to appreciate one or two big time prizes that you have to raffle off or give away. In the theme of summer, consider a BBQ grill set as the prize of the evening. Go personalized, and you can have this master set’s carrying case engraved with your company logo!

4. Coolers. Looking for second-tier prizes? Or just want a really fun giveaway that everyone in the office can use at their next cookout? Why not order a batch of personalized coolers, so your workers can show off their company allegiance all summer. These also make great lunch containers.

5. Sunscreen. Handing out free sunscreen to employees as they arrive is also a good step. Not only is this in line with workplace wellness initiatives, it shows everyone you care.

6. Water bottles. Hydration is just as important as sun protection. Handing stylish water bottles out to employees is a great way to remind them to drink fluids and stay healthy through the worst of the summer heat. They’ll want to hold onto these for the long term, and with the right encouraging message printed on them, your workers may even be inspired to hit up the gym with this new water bottle.

7. Lawn games. These are fun to play at office picnics, but they also make for great prizes. Bocce, croquet, bean bag toss, a horseshoe set, promotional Frisbees, badminton – the options are endless! Lawn games are especially great giveaways for employees with kids.

8. Gift cards. Reliable, easy to find and always a favorite prize, gift cards are a great standby for raffle prizes or workplace incentives. If you’re announcing Employee of the Year at your office picnic, a gift card might be the perfect reward.

9. Custom Towels. Stay current with the summer theme and offer a few extra-large imprinted towels for the beach as prizes. If you’re holding your company picnic on a lakefront or beside the ocean, it’s an even better giveaway!

10. More beach gear. What’s more quintessentially summer than a day at the beach? While a fun company picnic is a close second, vacationing at the beach will always be the hallmark of summertime relaxation. Help your employees tap into that and leave any job stress behind with a bevy of fun beach gear prizes. Sand castle molds, collapsible nylon coolers, giant beach umbrellas, designer sunglasses, an eReader for beach books – there’s a ton of fun stuff to choose from.

Share Your Own Company Picnic Ideas

Have a few company picnic games ideas of your own? What would you want to win in a pie eating contest? Let us know!

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