Why is your company logo design so important?


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Company logo design

Choosing the right company logo design will set your company apart from the competition.

Promotional products are a great way to advertise your company. But what goes on promotional products, in fact? What makes them stand out from any other product? What will attract your customers to do business with you before even knowing anything about your enterprise? The same thing that makes your company stand out among other companies at first sight – your logo.

Your company logo represents YOU.

We will never tire of repeating that the logo is the first impression your company makes on a client and as such it’s crucial to make one that will reflect what your business is all about. One simple symbol accompanied by the name of your company plus maybe a few more words must contain within themselves the whole essence of your enterprise. Are you a modern industry equipped with all the latest shiniest technologies and the most up-to-date business strategies? Are you a family business, dating years back, with an accent on traditional values? If your logo does not illustrate your company philosophy, you may have a problem. If people get the wrong impression from your company’s logo, they won’t do business with you, and if they do they might end up disappointed, and as a business owner you want anything but that!

Your company logo goes where you can’t.

Your logo is showcased everywhere. At minimum it will be seen on your website and in every corner of the internet dealing with your company. It also appears on business cards and other stationeries. It may adorn your company office. And of course, promotional products are promotional specifically because they bear your company’s logo. They may bear a lot of things – phone numbers, fax, addresses – but in the end, what makes the product promotional, what really advertises your company is the logo on it, even if it’s the simple name of your company written in a nice font.

You get what you pay for.

There are some business owners who choose to use premade templates for their logo, but in light of what was discussed above this strategy is obviously flawed since those templates are rarely perfectly adapted to one’s company. Those generic images lack in uniqueness and will not make your company memorable and easy to recognize. Others still do business with crowdsourcing companies to get a choice between hundreds of logos for cheap. However, when starting up your business, it’s recommended to invest some budget into custom logo design created by a company employing inhouse designers. They have the goal to create the perfect logo for their clients, something that crowdsourcing companies, employing a multitude of overseas designers with questionable motivation and little experience, are not likely to produce. Channeling their experience in the field, professional logo designers can create a logo that will truly represent what your company is and what it stands for.

The Bottom Line

Your company logo design is often the first impression you’ll make on a client, which is why it’s important to make sure you have a logo that properly represents your business.

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