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College Fundraising Ideas: Top Fundraising Gifts and Giveaways

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College Fundraising Tips

InkHead presents college fundraising ideas.

Student groups. Athletic booster clubs. School Departments. Fraternities and sororities. Civic support organizations. And fundraising is the critical challenge for each of these cornerstone college populations. Team InkHead offers you these college Fundraising Giveaways tips, gift and giveaway ideas to make this the perfect time to get your next campaign ready to go.

College Fundraising Ideas form the Pros

InkHead Promotional Products has helped hundreds of companies raise millions of dollars for a wide range of charities, civic support, and non-profit operations. And we can do the same thing for your group.

Here are some of the college fundraising tips and tricks we’ve learned:

  • Make It Themed. Fundraising themes typically outperform generic fundraisers due to the personalization–donors identify with themes and that connection encourages higher participation
  • Multilevel Gifts and Giveaways. Everyone should get something for donating time or money–but your big donors deserve nicer gifts that are arranged by levels with exclusive and attractive names for the upper echelon
  • Register Your Fundraiser for Non-Profit Treatment. Registering your fundraising group with the government is a good way to ensure you follow the rules and so that you can allow your donors to claim their donations as tax breaks
  • Track Your Progress. Keeping careful records has so many benefits: You’ll be operating in a transparent, above-the-table fashion; you’ll foster a feeling of teamwork as donors see the progress toward the overall goal; and, you’ll have records of donors to provide recognition as well as know who to call for next year’s campaign


Follow the fundraising guidelines set forth by the United States Office of Government Ethics and you’ll be certain you’re running a compliant campaign.

College Fundraising Merchandise that Get Donations

When we select our custom fundraising products, we consider a wide array of characteristics: brand appeal, seasonality, durability, and price–just to name a few. So you know you can trust InkHead suggestions for your next campaign.

Here are the college fundraising gifts and giveaways we love and why:

  • Spirit Wear. Always an annual favorite–t-shirts, jackets and caps with custom fraternity or sorority logos and funny sayings always sell out quickly
  • Book Bags. From drawstring to backpacks, college fundraising strategies that make bags the focal point can typically expect a huge ROI
  • Pens and Pencils. Custom pens and pencils are a low-cost college fundraising idea that require a small initial investment but can yield huge returns, as well.

You don’t have to plan your college fundraising campaign alone! Let the fundraising experts at InkHead Promotional Products help you put everything together–from concept to launch. We’re just a chat, an email, or a phone call away!

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