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Our 5 favorite promotional ideas for Cinco de Mayo


If you’re looking for Cinco de Mayo ideas, keep reading this post.

Cinco de Mayo is one of the most popular celebrations in the U.S., bringing the after-work crowd out in droves to local bars and clubs to have fun with friends and co-workers. If you own a restaurant, local bar or party rental space, you’ll want to take full advantage of this holiday. Throwing a memorable party is good for business, and it’s sure to help you build your brand. If you need a little Cinco de Mayo guidance along the way, look no further than these five fantastic ideas, including premier promotional restaurant products.

5 Ideas for Your Cinco de Mayo Event

  1. Think outside the party paradigm: Any old event can provide dance music and drinks, so if you really want to ensure that your event is one for the history books, make sure you consider new and exciting ideas. Include games and prizes to adopt a south-of-the-border festival atmosphere, or look to traditional Cinco de Mayo events – having experienced mariachi players and dancers on site may set a festive mood.
  2. Order wholesale promotional drinkware: One great way to mark the occasion is by investing in promotional drinkware. Order a batch of custom plastic cups from Inkhead and have them specially designed for the holiday, with a Cinco de Mayo message and your establishment’s name or logo in full color. Encourage patrons to take these home and you can bet it’ll serve as a great reminder of where to head for next year’s party – or just next week’s friendly gathering for drinks!
  3. Hand out free custom kooziesNot everyone will be taking their drinks in plastic cups, so for those enjoying a frosty cerveza or soda, hand out a batch of custom koozies. Have these by the door so that attendees leave with one or two on them. Like the custom cups, these are efficient and clever advertising, since each koozie can be personalized for your promotional benefit.
  4. Bring in live music: We’ve already mentioned how great a mariachi band would be, but make sure you mix things up a bit in the musical department. To set yourself apart, don’t just go in for a DJ with the regular old mix of radio hits. Consider inviting a number of local bands of varying music styles. Everyone loves live music, so you can bet that when word gets out folks will come rolling in.
  5. Offer guests memorable Cinco de Mayo T-shirts they can keep as souvenirs: Inkhead is proud to say that one of the most enduring and popular personalized items we carry are promotional T-shirts. Not only will your customers be proud to walk out of your bar, club, restaurant or event space sporting your logo, all the attention and good will is going to help your brand skyrocket. As far as advertising has come, after all, there’s nothing so effective as word of mouth. Promotional T-shirts just help that along as a convenient conversation starter.

What Cinco de Mayo ideas do you have?

Do you own a restaurant or bar? How do you plan on celebrating Cinco de Mayo this year – and what’s worked in the past? Let us know!

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