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How to Promote Children’s Dental Health Month

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Here are 5 products to promote children's dental health.

Here are 5 products to promote children’s dental health.

When most of us think back on healthy habits we wished we’d picked up sooner, before diet and exercise tends to come one particular “if only” – flossing. Good dental health is an essential part of everyday life. It’s as important as vitamins, minerals and plenty of sunshine. And most adults accept this. After all, not brushing your teeth each morning kind of feels like wearing the same socks two days in a row. But kids are another story. How can we encourage better dental health in our children? Whether you’re a parent looking to inspire a lifetime of pearly whites in your kid or a dentist in need of some incentives and tools for your pint-sized patients, consider these personalized products.

Promote Children’s Dental Health Month with These Products

  • Toothbrush: Hands down, one of the best giveaways dentists’ offices offer are free toothbrushes. Kids naturally love getting gifts, and the brighter and more colorful, the better. Consider how custom toothbrushes could make a great reward for a successful teeth cleaning!
  • Magnets: Magnets play a pretty big role in kids’ lives, when you think about it: from their lockers at school to the report cards and childhood drawings stuck to the fridge. Give them one more thing to be proud of with custom magnets declaring a job well done and a mouth full of healthy teeth!
  • Coloring books: For youngsters, coloring books are never out of fashion. Whether they go inside the lines or all over the page, it’s a fun form of expression for kids of any age. Find a custom coloring book themed around dental health and watch them learn lessons as they color.
  • Stress balls: Even as an adult, you have to admit that heading to the dentist isn’t always a picnic. Some of those machines can be kind of scary, and it’s a long time to sit reclined in a chair – for an active kid, at least. Consider how promotional stress balls might go over well on a trip to the dentist.
  • Stuffed animals: Of course, when a stress ball isn’t quite enough, there’s still another place to turn. Nothing’s quite so comforting as a stuffed animal, even for the most anxious children. Every dentist’s office should consider keeping a few friendly animals around for kids in need of a cushy pal.

How would you promote Children’s Dental Health Month?

If you’ve got any other ideas for great dental health products or activities for kids, let us know! What about personalized crayons for the coloring books? Perhaps a proud button or sticker is the ideal reward for a tyke learning to brush for the first time? Drop us a line below!

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