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5 Benefits of Promotional Coffee Mugs in Your Marketing Strategy

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According to Statistic Brain, a website for lovers of numbers and percentages, more than half of all Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every single day. Among them, the average cup size is about 9 ounces. It’s no coincidence that that amount is the perfect size for a coffee mug.

Statistic Brain also offered some stats on the costs of the average cup of coffee, but the fact of the matter is that most folks drink their coffee at home or in the office. And, whether it’s from a French press or the break room Keurig machine, that coffee needs a mug to go in. It’s no wonder, then, that promotional coffee mugs are one of the most popular products that InkHead has to offer. Curious what makes them so great and why they work so well as part of any marketing or customer service plan?

Consider These Five Reasons Promotional Coffee Mugs Work

1. They make great on-boarding gifts for new hires

When you bring new employees on board at your company, things can be a little overwhelming for them. Even the best orientation and most gradual learning curve can’t solve all of the awkwardness of a first day on the job. But by outfitting your new team of workers with company coffee mugs, you’ll ensure that they feel like part of the office family.

And promotional products like coffee mugs aren’t only good for new hires. They make excellent morale-building investments across the board, helping to bring employees closer together and encourage unity.

2. They lend character to office culture

Don’t neglect to get creative with your custom coffee mugs. Remember, you can design these with nearly limitless potential! If you’ve got an upcoming office event, like a holiday party or summer picnic, coffee mugs can be used to unify different office teams – from the IT guys and gals to your marketing department. Have them compete in various games, or just offer the mugs as humorous gifts. Maybe you’ll want to encourage trading with sets of different mugs in varying styles or colors. The sky’s the limit, but it’s certain to offer everyone a fun, new perspective on office culture.

3. They’re the perfect giveaway for fundraisers and charity events

Naturally, your employees aren’t the only ones who should reap the benefits of promotional mugs. At your next fundraiser or charity event, have company mugs be your primary giveaway item. Folks love free drinkware, and your company logo on that mug is sure to grace kitchen and break room cabinets far and wide.

4. They happen to be excellent advertising material

Of course, the benefit of having your company mugs in wide circulation is that it builds your brand, slowly but surely. All promotional products are much more than just team-building items or fun trinkets – they’re marketing tools, too. Mugs can allow your fan base and customers to rep their pride in your business. They can serve as reminders to other companies or potential clients of the product you offer. And generally they will get your name out there and build recognition. The more people see your logo, the more curious they’ll be.

5. They’re eco-friendly

The fifth and final reason why promotional coffee mugs are a must for your company? They’re eco-friendly. Who hasn’t seen stacks of wax paper coffee cups in the trash at just about any office?. Cut down on all that waste, save yourself some money in the long term and make a new collection of coffee mugs part of your company’s green initiative.

How Do You Use Logo Coffee Mugs?

Have a few reasons of your own for investing in promotional mugs? Let us know your ideas!

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