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Cell Phone Etiquette – Stop Doing These 13 Things Now


Cell Phone Etiquette - Stop Doing These 13 Things Now

Have you ever witnessed someone with poor cell phone etiquette? Someone who has just completely forgotten their manners. If you feel like this has never happened to you, maybe you’re the one with the problem. In an effort to help you remember your manners (without calling your mom) we have put together a list of violations of cell phone etiquette. If you do these things STOP NOW!


1. Leaving your phone on the dinner table and checking it constantly.

The dinner table is a place where you come together, be it with family or friends. You are together to enjoy each other company or discuss how your day went. Enjoy the people you are with and stay off the phone. Facebook will be there when you are done eating. Also no one cares what you’re eating, stop instagraming it.

2. Anger caused by games

We know, Candy Crush is hard. However, it is just a game. It does not affect your real life. Have some dignity when playing games in public, actually scratch that, don’t play games in public.

3. Talking on Your Phone While on the Bus, Train or Bathroom?

How many times have you been in a tight spot, surrounded by people? It is already uncomfortable for everyone there. Do not subject them to your phone call.

4. Pretending to Check the Time on Your Phone, But Really You’re Checking Facebook.

Pay attention to the people in front of you. Are the friends that you are with that boring that you need to see what other people are doing?

5. Talking to yourself on your Bluetooth, and looking at people like they are crazy for responding to you.

No one knows who you are talking to. Everyone can hear you. This can be especially troublesome if you begin talking about a sensitive topic or you start to argue. If you must talk on your Bluetooth, remember to keep your voice down.

6. Asking strangers to take your photo with your phone after the exact same photo was taken with your friend’s phone.

Smart phones are exactly that, smart. You can have the photo taken with one phone. The owner of that phone can then text/email/share the photo with you. It is amazing. Don’t bother an innocent stranger with 15 different devices for your photo.

7. Abuse of group texting privileges

Group texting can be a great way to make plans with multiple friends at once. Relay directions to dinner to everyone that is attending. Just don’t forget that it is a group message. No one wants to read your personal messages meant for one person.

8. Waving your phone around in the middle of a social setting to “Shazam” a song

Do we really need to go into detail about how rude it is to wave your phone around in the air trying to pick up a random song just so you know what it is? Were you even listening to the conversation you were involved in a moment ago? Again, put down the phone and enjoy the people you are with.

9. Looking up frivolous information on your phone in the middle of a conversation

Stopping a conversation to look up information does not make you witty or smart. It is quite annoying to make people wait on you for a random bit of trivia, no one really cares that much. Go on about your conversation without your phone. Additionally if you are the person who cheats at trivia, this behavior is completely atrocious.

10. Emoji’s

A smiley face here and there is fine, but when you fill up a phone screen with excessive emoji’s, don’t expect a response. Texting is supposed to be a fast form of communication. Don’t make the recipient of your text message have to translate hieroglyphics to communicate with you.

11. Bathroom Selfies

Why? Surely you have been taught that bathroom time is personal time. When did it become acceptable to take pictures of yourself in the bathroom? Not okay!

12. Speakerphone (What? I can’t hear you.)

Don’t put your friends on speaker phone and then complain that you cannot hear them. We get it you need your hands free to do whatever it is that you are doing. Just call us later when you are available to talk.

13. Leaving a Voicemail.

No one checks their voicemail. It comes with the phone that is the only reason we have it. I would argue that if you do check your voicemail, it is only to get rid of the notification. Just shoot a text over.



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