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Keep ‘Em Comin’ Back with CamelBak Water Bottles


If you're looking for a water bottle that stands apart from the rest, you can't do better than the CamelBak.

With over 300 styles in our catalog, we here at InkHead like to think we know a thing or two about custom water bottles. And we know that if you’re looking for a water bottle that stands apart from the rest, you can’t do better than custom CamelBak water bottles.

A well-known retail brand among outdoor enthusiasts, cyclists, and runners, CamelBak water bottles are made from 100% BPA-free plastic. But what makes the CamelBak water bottle really cool is the spill-proof bite valve that opens with a bite and closes automatically—it’s as simple as Bite-Sip-Go! Whereas other hard plastic and polycarbonate bottles require two hands to open, the CamelBak does not. This makes it perfect for the gym, the car, and anywhere else where free hands are hard to come by. Simply put, recipients will use this bottle again and again.

5 Ways to Use CamelBak Water Bottles

  1. Green Promotions: Reusable items always resonate well in eco-friendly promotions, and the CamelBak is one water bottle that will get reused over and over again.
  2. Sports Teams: While the CamelBak is a little pricier than some of the other water bottles found in our catalog, they are covered by CamelBak’s own lifetime warranty, Got Your Bak. Convince boosters to make the commitment to a quality product that will last players past this season.
  3. Workplace wellness programs: Water bottles are great for office wellness initiatives for a couple reasons. First, they encourage drinking water over other beverages such as soda and other sugar-laden drinks. Second, they are ideal for walking clubs, corporate gyms, and the like. Make it a CamelBak bottle, and you’re sure to see improved engagement!
  4. Outdoor events: Company picnic coming up? Get employees excited about the event by handing out CamelBak water bottle as prizes or tokens of appreciation!
  5. Employee appreciation events: Even if you aren’t having a company picnic, employees will be impressed with a CamelBak water bottle. Reward top performers with a prize pack that includes CamelBak!

Check out the video below to see product expert Derek demonstrate the CamelBak Better Bottle.

The Bottom Line

CamelBak bottles are high-quality water bottles whose perceived value will delight employees and impress customers alike.

How would you use the CamelBak bottle? Have you already experienced the difference between CamelBak and other water bottles?

CamelBak water bottles are subject to availability and may not be in stock at the time of your order. Please call 800-554-0127 between 9 AM and 8 PM ET Monday through Friday to confirm stock is available.

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