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5 Must-Read Business Marketing Tips For Your Team


5 Must Read Marketing Tips

You’ve got a product you believe in – but how do you get it out into the world? Business marketing is an essential component to any company’s model of success, but it can also be confusing and intimidating. Looking for a good place to start? Whether you’re a startup or just need a marketing boost for your veteran business, consider these business marketing tips.


5 Business Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales

  1. Establish a brand: “Brand” is a key word nowadays in marketing. It’s a catchall phrase for your business’ image, atmosphere and attitude. For instance, consider the brand differences between Starbucks (wood tables, green hues, alternative drink size names) and Dunkin Donuts (bright oranges and whites, plain old small, medium or large drinks). The same can be said of Apple and Microsoft – or Coke and Pepsi. Finding your brand identity – whatever your business – will make it easier to get your name recognized once you’re ready to start handing out promotional caps and other fun brand-building items.
  2. Use your social networks – online and off: Friends, family, co-workers, old bosses, former college classmates – these are the people who will help you build a business, one at a time. Each number in your phone, Facebook friend, LinkedIn acquaintance or member of your local professionals’ organization is an opportunity. Maybe they’ll lead you to new business, to superstar employees or business partners.
  3. Utilize clever and strategic tactics: Marketing is one of the quirkiest sides of business planning. Originality counts for a lot, but so do traditional marketing tactics. Your best bet is to find something that walks the line between those two ends of the spectrum. Consider how promotional products might help you spread word about your company with minimal investment and via a viral marketing campaign. Television and internet ads are useful, but word of mouth is still one of the best ways to garner attention. So why not get people talking?
  4. Encourage team pride: If you want other folks to believe in your business, the first step should be getting your employees on board! Encouraging a little team pride can go a long way. Morale tends to be high when startups or new ventures are just getting off the ground, but sometimes your workers need a boost. Offer them the sort of fun company products they’ll use often and be proud to take home. Hosting an office picnic this summer? Custom koozies are a great giveaway item that’ll win over your entire staff.
  5. Be a generous host: Don’t just host office events for employees – be sure that you take an active role in the community as well. Building goodwill among other local businesses and residents is key to successful marketing. Start by sponsoring a sporting event, like a lacrosse jamboree or 5K road race. You can hand out personalized water bottles with your company’s logo to spectators and runners at the finish line.

Do you have any business marketing tips to share?

Have your own tips on marketing your business to share? Tell us what you consider the best ways to build brand and get your product out there!

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