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Spread Your Brand with Bulk Water Bottles

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Buying water bottles in bulk is a good way to save money and build your brand.

Water is an essential element that we can’t do without – especially when the weather turns sunny and the temperatures rise. Stay ahead of the curve and effectively advertise your brand while providing the community with refreshment! Just consider these eight great uses for custom water bottles in bulk.

8 Can’t Miss Ways to Market Your Business with Bulk Water Bottles

  1. Sponsor a road race: Road races, triathlons and other local events are fantastic ways to get involved in a tight-knit community – and one that’s in constant need of hydration! Likely, you’ll be part of a group of sponsors, but you can probably score a spot on the back of the race T-shirt. Still, you’ll really be spreading your brand most effectively by giving the athletes what they need most – water. They’re sure to be thankful and there’s nothing as effective as building goodwill.
  2. Support local youth sports programs: Adults aren’t the only ones who need plenty of water to compete. Chances are that on any given weekend there are a number of kids’ and teen sports programs going on, from basketball to flag football or anything else that’s in season. Get in touch with the community athletics director and find out if you can help sponsor league baseball or some other game. Sports promotional products are a great way to spread brand recognition with kids and parents.
  3. Provide water at Sunday service or special church events: Easter doesn’t only celebrate an important religious holiday, it’s also a signifier that spring is ready to begin and the weather’s about to become a lot warmer. Churches wanting to curb the summer swelter and keep parishioners comfortable might want to invest in bulk water bottles, especially for special services and events.
  4. Offer bottled water as tailgating gifts: Whether it’s football season or baseball season, there’s sure to be plenty of folks outside stadiums, waiting for the game to start and enjoying some grilling and a few beers. Handing out water bottles as tailgating gifts is a great way to help these sports fans stay hydrated while also spreading word and earning some brand recognition in the process.
  5. Keep a variety in your office: It’s important to remember that keeping a store of water bottles on hand in the office is a necessity. It’s a small investment that pays off with a huge impression. Simply keep a few cases in the break room and fridge.
  6. Hand out at charity and fundraiser events: While a lot has been said about the benefits to local businesses or giant companies using promotional bottled water to spread brand recognition, they’re not the only ones. In fact, when it comes to charities and fundraisers, local, state or national political candidates may find themselves winning over crowds with something as simple as this particular promotional item. People get thirsty, and they’re sure to be grateful for a cold water.
  7. Trade shows: No company – small or large – heads to a trade show without an excellent press kit assembled. These media packages are made to help attendees not only remember your brand but spread it themselves. This means you’ll want to include staples like pens, stickers, business cards and promotional pamphlets. But consider including a custom water bottle as well. Trade show floors can be crowded, and all that foot travel can make folks thirsty.
  8. Any spring promotion: March comes in like a lion but it goes out like a lamb. As the snow and sleet turn to sunny days and outdoor activities like Memorial Day cookouts softball tournaments really take off, let promotional bottled water be there to keep everything cool and refreshing. It’s ideal for any spring promotions.

How have you used bulk water bottles?

Have you discovered any effective uses for bulk water bottles? Let us know in the comments below!

Looking for bulk water bottles? Shop Now »



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