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Breast Cancer Awareness Team Building Strategies

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Breast Cancer Awareness team

How to build a Breast Cancer Awareness team.

Going pink and joining the fight against breast cancer is much more fun with friends. That’s why putting together a Breast Cancer Awareness team in your community or at work increases your fundraising efforts and energizes the spirits of everyone involved. Team InkHead is your BCA partner–and we know a thing or two about getting the ball rolling during this special time of year using custom Breast Cancer Awareness apparel and products.

Getting the Word Out and Getting the Team Together

With so many families and friends touched by cancer in all of its forms, many are just waiting for a catalyst to get them moving in the right direction–and that catalyst could very well be you. But it takes some savvy planning on your part and a little bit of follow-up to get the movement started. Thankfully, technology has made it easier than ever to organize a team of Breast Cancer Awareness participants.

Check out these ideas for gathering together a team of participants:

  • Start with your ‘inner circle’. Your neighborhood, your workplace, and your community groups–communities in which you have influence–are a great place to start
  • Leverage the power of the Web. Email, chat, and web-based planning technologies can serve to identify participants and keep them informed of important dates
  • Follow-up personally. Call each interested prospect on the phone, tell them how much they’re needed, and get that verbal commitment to walk or raise funds

You’ll quickly discover that once you get moving in the right direction, establishing a Breast Cancer Awareness fundraising team is not as complicated as it might seem–and more rewarding than you might expect.

Creating Creative Outfits Using Pink-Themed Apparel

Part of the joy of participating in Breast Cancer Awareness month is outfitting your crew with custom, pink-themed apparel–and that’s where we come in. InkHead Promotional Products, long-supporter of BCA activities across the country, has a special section of our website dedicated to thinking pink. Count on a wide selection, great prices, and perfect-every-time customization.

Here are some of our top ideas for custom Breast Cancer Awareness apparel:

  • Logo t-shirts. All styles, all fabrics, and always in a rich, BCA-themed pink, our custom t-shirts are perfect for setting your team apart
  • Branded hats. Head coverings have never been more festive–custom visors and caps are the perfect accessory to your team outfit

Make sure you order early to guarantee you’ll receive your team outfits before the big events of the month.

Showing Your Appreciation to Your BCA Theme

At the close of your fundraising efforts, send your team members away with that warm and fuzzy feeling by showering them with custom thank-you gifts. The goodwill that these pink-themed products bring will make sure that your team members return year after year to give this critical awareness initiative the attention it truly deserves.

Here are a couple of our favorite custom Breast Cancer Awareness products:

  • Personalized bags. They’ll celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness throughout the year when they use these awesome pink bags to tote around everything from books to personal items
  • Custom drink ware. Ride the wave of the water craze by supplying your team with durable cups and water bottles

And that’s the process in a nutshell. Put your team together, outfit them in pink-themed apparel, and thank then with custom pink products. The rewards for everyone will be well-worth the effort.

If you’re ready to take the first steps towards making your fundraising team a roaring success, check out our custom Breast Cancer Awareness apparel and gifts. Our promotions experts are standing by to offer advice and ordering assistance.

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