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It’s early September, which in Business Land means it’s time to start thinking about Halloween. Of course here at InkHead we start thinking about the next Halloween somewhere around the first of November—we’ve got some serious pumpkin junkies working here—but if you’re a retail business who deals in Halloween promotions, or a local business or nonprofit looking to generate some goodwill in the community, the time to look into Halloween promotional items is now. By ordering Halloween supplies early, you give yourself enough time to accommodate production and delivery and ensure that your supplies are in hand and tucked away without any of that frightening last-minute rush.

If a Halloween promotion sounds like a good idea (and how could it not?), we’ve got some excellent Promotional Halloween Items to suggest, all of which are inexpensive, fun, and sure to give your organization some well-earned exposure.

Custom Halloween Items

A surefire way to stir up some neighborhood goodwill is by personalizing and distributing trick-or-treat bags. We have a nice selection of bags in white, orange, and reflective silver. As the kids make their way down darkening streets in search of goodies, we all want to make sure they stay safe, and these bags will enhance their visibility to oncoming cars. With your logo or brand on the bags, you can demonstrate your commitment to safety and fun.

Promotional Halloween Candy

Toothbrushes not included.

If you’d rather give the kids something to put in their bags and buckets, we can help you out there. We have a selection of jelly beans in plastic bags with customized header cards that make a terrific promotional item. The bag assures parents that the candy you’re handing out is safe, while the header card displays your logo or message in bold, beautiful color. This is an especially good idea if your retail business is in a mall or shopping plaza that is allowing supervised trick-or-treating. Many communities also hold indoor Halloween events as a safe alternative, and these candies will help give these events a real trick-or-treat feel.

Promotional Halloween Stress Balls

All the better to see you, my dear...

Or if you’d prefer to drop something that’s not edible but still very cool into Halloween bags, allow me to recommend my favorite item on our promotional Halloween page: eyeball stress balls! Can you imagine anything more fun at the end of the night than dumping out the sack, stuffing your face with candy, and squeezing eyeballs? If you can, then we congratulate you on your hard-won maturity — it means more squishy eyes for the rest of us! Seriously, this novelty item is sure to hang around for awhile as your end-users find purpose after purpose for it, which means your logo will get seen again and again, in a context of offbeat, playful fun. It’s hard to generate better goodwill than that.

Come check out InkHead’s Halloween promotions page for these and other ideas to advance your brand or business while staying  in the spooky spirit. And if you’re still having trouble with the idea of pondering Halloween in September, wait until next month… when it’s Christmastime! Now that’s scary.

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