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Hit a Homerun for Your Team with These Tips for Baseball Fundraisers

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Here are 5 great promotional tips for your baseball fundraisers.

Baseball is well regarded as America’s favorite pastime. Most of us are indoctrinated at a young age with a game of catch in the backyard or watching our favorite team on TV. By the time we get to see our first major or minor league game in an actual stadium, we’re already life-long fans. But while the Yankees and Red Sox will continue to rake in the money, little league, intramural and other local teams occasionally need to throw fundraisers in order to get their uniforms, equipment and fees in order. If you’re coaching or managing either a team or a league, consider some of these promotional tips to help at any baseball fundraisers.

4 Ideas for Fundraisers for your Baseball Team or League

  1. Host a summer cookout: Baseball and summer are synonymous. What else are key parts of summertime around America? Barbecues and cookouts. Throw a huge baseball bash at your local diamond or park. There can be a home run derby tournament while volunteers man the grill and serve up drinks. Charging a nominal ticket price is a great way to fundraise for your team, plus you’ll be building goodwill in the community and encouraging folks to attend your games.
  2. Get local businesses in on the fun: There’s no reason to host a town or neighborhood-wide barbecue without inviting local business to get involved. This helps them by offering free publicity, and it helps you to increase the size of your fundraiser. Perhaps local restaurants can send food trucks or the local coffee shop can brew up complimentary cups of joe. Some of these local businesses may even want to become full-time sponsors of your team or league. Consider how promotional water bottles printed with all your local sponsors might make for a great giveaway item at games or to generous patrons.
  3. Reward your supporters: Generally, giveaways and personalized gifts are fantastic ways to say thanks to those who make a special effort at any fundraiser. Thanking your supporters with gifts will encourage them to renew that support. You can also consider how giveaway prizes at your games might win over new supporters. Fun custom caps printed with your team insignia are great for raffles or as awards for fan participation.
  4. Offer premium team goods: There’s no reason you can’t fundraise through sales as well. Many baseball teams – from little league on up – make a good portion of their fundraising dollars through the concession stand. But open up your sales to more than just ice cream, popcorn and soda. Consider selling sports promotional products, so that returning fans can rep their team pride! They may want to buy caps of their own – or megaphones, baseballs, folding chairs, sweatshirts and any of the other numerous options InkHead offers!

What ideas have you used for your baseball fundraisers?

Are you a baseball fan yourself? What have you done to support your local teams? What kinds of promotional sports goods would you buy to help them fundraise? Let us know so we can improve our tips.

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