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How to Turn a Ban on Bottled Water into a Marketing Opportunity


Has your community implemented a ban on bottled water? Turn it into a marketing opportunity!

Bottled water has its conveniences, but despite that, many folks consider them an environmental liability. And now entire towns are encouraging residents to cut down on their bottled water use – or even banning them outright!

Concord, Mass. has led the cause in doing just that, becoming the first U.S. community to ban the sale of plastic bottled water, according to The Huffington Post. The campaign hasn’t been a short lived one however. The source notes that many anti-bottled water activists have been pushing for this ruling for years.

It’s possible that the trend may spread, which could spell good news for the environment. And luckily for organizations across the country, Inkhead has the perfect substitute! Keep customers, employees and fans hydrated and happy by offering any of these fantastic alternative to bottled water.

3 Ways to Turn a Ban on Bottled Water into a Marketing Opportunity

  1. Customize your own classic water bottles: Custom water bottles have been around for ages, as anyone who’s joined a gym or signed up for a road race can attest to! But with these water bottles ever improving in quality and design, now’s the perfect time to order a batch wholesale. Not only can you get your company or team logo printed in full color along the side of your chosen water bottle design, there are a variety of perks to many of these models. BPA-free plastic is a lightweight and popular choice, but a stainless steel option has a sleek, crisp look that may draw your attention. Of course, aluminum might be an even better choice – and Inkhead can brand your company logo on a beautiful custom glass water bottle that makes for a great client gift.
  2. Stay hydrated from the tap with filter water bottles: One of the major benefits of bottled water was that certain brands came directly from spring sources, unlike your everyday tap water. Luckily, if you want that crisp and fresh spring-like taste, you can get it thanks to custom filter water bottles. These have filter systems built directly into them to remove chlorine and impurities. Ideal for filling up in the gym locker room before and after your workout!
  3. The perfect at-home and office solution: Of course, for those who’d rather skip the sport’s bottle style altogether, there’s always the classic tumbler. Inkhead’s promotional tumbler cups are consistently a best seller, because they’re reliable, stylish and look great when personalized for home use or imprinted with a corporate logo to help build employee team spirit. Choose from all the colors of the rainbow, or stick to crisp and clear transparent – and go with a cap or without, depending on your taste. A reusable straw is also a fantastic option!

How would you respond to a ban on bottled water?

If your company is looking to go green and reduce it’s carbon footprint, finding alternatives to bottled water is a great option. What other ways have you and your organization gone eco-friendly? Do you think you could get by with a bottled water ban? Let us know!

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