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Avoid the Chinese New Year delay and buy Made in the USA

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Buy products Made in the USA to help alleviate the supply chain delays of Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year affects the world economy like no other holiday. Our singular recommendation for preventing Chinese New Year from affecting your promotional product order is to buy American.

Stock is moving fast–Get them while they last

The Lunar New Year is the time when over 250 million Chinese factory workers step away from their jobs to observe the season with family and friends into what can turn into a near month-long celebration.

The bottom line is that you need to place your orders for in-stock promotional products now. As products fly out of the warehouse, the amount of stock will decrease dramatically. And once it’s gone, it’s gone–no more new stock will be filled until the Chinese New Year celebration is over.

Buy ‘Made in the USA’ = Availability + Safety

With close to 2,000 products, many with free 24-hour rush production, our Made in the USA category is your safest option to create a custom promotional product order that is sure to be there when you need it most. Because promotional items are manufactured domestically, suppliers have the capability to replenish stock as needed.

Here’s more on the advantages of buying American promotional products:

  • Promotional product ‘best bets’. Plastics, paper, and pencils are typically always in stock or have minimal production times
  • Save money for bigger ROI. The same products that are always in stock are often less expensive when made here in the USA
  • Put money back into the economy. Buying Made in the USA keeps your dollars closer to home
  • An additional layer of safety. American-made products guarantee CPSIA standards for safe materials and production processes

When you buy Made in the USA, you can feel good knowing that your promotional product order has the potential to cost less, be delivered on time, and help to stimulate our economy.

Team InkHead makes finding and buying American-made promotional products easy. Our award-winning website features a robust ‘Made in the USA’ section that highlights all of our products in a single, intuitive interface. Also, our promotions experts can help you put together an All-American marketing campaign quickly and affordably–and nothing is more American than that!

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