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Top 5 Autism Awareness Products



April is Autism Awareness Month

Every April, the United States observes National Autism Awareness Month in order to help bring both research and general public consciousness about autism to the forefront of society. One way to do this is with personalized products that charities, fundraisers and other organizations can use to spread the word and build awareness.

Whether you’re organizing an event or simply working as part of a non-profit hoping to bring attention to autism and research into this condition, you’ll find that any number of custom products will help you reach your goal. Here are Inkhead’s top five recommendations for Autism awareness products.

5 Popular Products to Promote Autism Awareness Month

  1. Magnets: Magnets have long been a popular promotional item thanks to their small size and obvious use – everyone has a fridge, after all. It’s a small step, but a batch of custom magnets spread across all the attendees of a charity event can certainly help build awareness of autism.
  2. Keychains: If you were to think of something that most people have on their person at any given time, the one steady answer would be keys. Almost at all times, we have our keys in our pockets, bags or placed in a familiar location nearby. Could there be any better place to include an autism awareness message? Promotional keychains are a great way to get the word out there and allow supporters to show they care.
  3. Tote bags: Tote bags are becoming more and more popular, especially for eco-conscious shoppers who prefer bringing their own bags to using plastic or paper at the grocery store. If your group is looking for a classy way to spread awareness, printed tote bags may be the way to go. They’re also ideal for trips to the beach, plane carry-ons and even regular day-to-day use.
  4. T-shirts: The personalized T-shirt has never failed as a fantastic promotional item. It’s big, colorful and sure to be noticed. This is also a fantastic option for kids who want to show their support for autism awareness.
  5. Various office products: Looking for a small yet significant way to make a difference? Why not outfit your office with a variety of autism awareness products. Even if you’re a small business, like a local coffee shop or web-based startup, custom office items from pens to calendars can be personalized to carry your message. And that’s certain to have an impact on anyone who comes through your door.

Have you seen a cool product for Autism Awareness Month?

Have some other great ideas for raising autism awareness in April? Let us know in the comments!

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